New GIS data at GOMP



date installed

ROST ROST survey data for Northeast 2/2020
ME ortho index Index of orthophotography available for Maine 2/2020
updates OpenStreet data, conserved lands, e911 roads, IFW_ET_fish, IFW_ETSC, IFW_IWWH, TWWH, parcels, IFW_vernalPools, metwp24, cnty24; MNAP 2/2020
MIDAS table Table from MDEP that has morphometric data for Maine lakes. 11/2019
MAS_LoonLakes Loon count data from MAS. 9/2019
DOI Regions DOI unified regions 8/2019
land trust service areas Layer delineating the service areas (working areas) of land trusts in Maine. 7/2019
bald eagle Maine Update to bald eagle data in Maine. 7/2019
PAD US 2.0 Update to U.S. Protected Areas Database 7/2019
NFWF Resilience project Coastal resilience assessment of Portland and midcoast Maine watersheds. 6/2019
NLCD National land cover datasets in \gis\gom\nlcd folder; including 2016. 6/2019
eelgrass Change analysis and new Casco Bay data 6/2019
roads 911 and medot roads updated 6/2019
Diad fish databases Efish, smolt, Maine salmon, archive databases. 6/2019
perennial networks Updated hydro network for salmon streams. 6/2019
Trout Heritage brook trout areas, MDIFW. 6/2019
salmon Updated salmon habitat data. 6/2019
NAIP CIR Color infrared aerial photography, 2018. 6/2019
MNAP Updated data from ME Natural Areas Program 6/2019
conserved lands Update to Maine Conserved Lands 5/2019
Sea Level Rise Sea level rise layers for Maine; 2018. 4/2019
Barrier Updated Maine Aquatic Barrier data. 4/2019
ng911_rdss Roads update, Maine 3/2019
MNAP Update to MNAP 3/2019
OpenStreetMaps Updated file geodatbase with all 18 layers. 3/2019
Scarborough Marsh Groundwater vegetation report from GOMP 3/2019
BwH Update to Maine Beginning with Habitat data. 3/2019
Parcels Parcels for Maine organized and unorganized towns.  
NAIP2018 NAIP 60cm photography for Maine. 12/2018
DOE Dept of Energy hydro power dams 11/2018
Project Area Project area for Feb 2018 NAWCA grant. 6/2018
CBEP monitoring CBEP monitoring network data 6/2018
OpenStreetMap Update to OpenStreetMap layers for Maine. 6/2018
NWI Update to NWI, fixing some polygon issues with the earlier 2018 version. 6/2018
PIPL nests Piping plover nest locations, Maine. 5/2018
FWS cadastral National FWS layer of Refuge boundaries. 11/30/2017 5/2018
R5 cadastral Refuge boundaries for R5 4/2018
ETSC Updated layer from MDIFW 4/2018
BwH Update to Beginning with Habitat data 4/2018
ME Cons Lands Update to MEGIS layer. 4/2018
NWI New download from NWI; includes streams as polygon riverine habitat. 4/2018
Cemeteries Cemeteries in Maine. 8/2017
Vernal Pools IFW center points and buffers 9/2017
parcels Parcels for ME organized towns 11/2017
MEDOTpubrds Public roads from ME DOT. 8/2017
Barriers Updated barrier data for Maine; only public crossings. 10/2017
ME conserved lands Update 9/2017
Sewall_ownership Sewall land ownership data set. 6/2017
Shorebirds NRPA shorebird areas from MDIFW  
IWWH Inland wading bird and waterfowl habitat from MDIFW 5/2017
Salmon data Including habitat data and river kilometers. 5/2017
Barriers Updated barrier data for Maine; only public crossings. 4/2017
BwH Update to BwH data. 4/2017
NAWCA New and updated layers from NAWCA including coastal zone, and priority areas for landbirds, shorebirds and waterfowl. 4/2017
Maine Seabird Atlas Update of ICENSUS database. 4/2017
CWB_NestAreasNortheastWGS84 Colonial waterbird nesting locations, Northeast U.S. 3/2017
R5 NWR Update to Region 5 NWR boundaries. 2/2017
Great Thicket Great Thicket NWR boundary. For New England Cottontail and other early forest/shrub species. 1/2017
Pollinators Mostly information for Rusty Patched Bumble Bee 2/2017
SLR Sea level rise and marsh migration data for Maine. 2/2017
Acadia NP boundary Update to park boundary. 2/2017
MEGIS data Updated MEGIS data including ng911 roads, medotpub roads, conserved lands, IWWS and vernal pool. 2/2017
ETSC MDIFW Endangered, Threatened and Species of Concern; including mapping protocols 2/2017
USGS Topo Template & StreamStats GIS tools from USGS. 6/2016
NALCC Several NALCC layers; spp models, IEI. 6/2016
conserved lands-ME Maine conserved lands database update 6/2016
Alewife and Modeled Salmon Habitat Updates from Alex, mostly related to habitat viewer 6/2016
NEC New England Cottontail layer from MDIFW 6/2016
Salmon Habitat and Barrier data Updates to both layers are available 6/2016
PAD Protected Area Database 1.4 6/2016
BwH Updated Beginning with Habitat data. 6/2016
NaturalEarth Small scale cultural and physical data themes 6/2016
MEGIS data Updated MEGIS data including ng911 roads, medotpub roads, IWWH, TWWH and vernal pool. 6/2016
Chebeague parcels Parcel boundaries for Chebeague Island. 4/2016
HAT_2015 Highest annual tide. 2015
MEGIS data Updated MEGIS data including conserved lands, IWWH, roads, vernal pool. 3/2016
NETHM TNC Northeast Terrestrial Habitat Map, for Northeast, including Canada.  
Barriers Updated Maine aquatic barrier data. 9/2015
COBRA Update to Coastal Barrier Resource Act layers. 9/2015
various Maine layers Aquaculture polys and points, ME Conserved Lands; Roads, vernal pools, LURC zones, ME towns 24k; 9/2015
salmon Update to salmon habitat data and river kilometers. 9/2015
\GIS\ME-WMS All kinds of data in these Web Mapping Service layers, including orthos, roads, hydro, charts, topos, DEM, hillshade, etc.; available in the root \GIS\ME-WMS* to load in any ArcMap project. 4/2015
zones_poly Maine LURC protection and development zones. 4/2015
Refuge boundaries National data set 4/2015
ME conserved lands Update 4/2015
vernal pools Maine vernal pool data 4/2015
road data Maine ng911 roads and points, and DOT roads updated 4/2015
Mid winter surveys FWS mid-winter survey data from 2015 added. 3/2015
R5 Refuges Update to Refuge boundaries in Region 5. 4/2015
SLR Sea level rise models for Maine. 12/2014
NEC Updated field location data and also added Lindsey's potential habitat polygons for Portland North surveys 2013. 12/2014
OpenStreetMap Open source base data from the OpenStreetMap Project. 11/2014
ng911 roads Update to Maine roads layer. 12/2014
Vernal pools Update to MDIFW vernal pools layer 12/2014
index_date_lidar Lidar acquisition dates for Maine. 11/2014
ME conserved lands Update 11/2014
lighthouses New data layer; Maine. 11/2014
ME NWI Update of statewide layer; statewide layer with most recent updates from various Refuge projects. 11/2014
phim Potential hurricane inundation mapping from ME Geologic Survey. 11/2014
ME hillshade - clipped Hillshade of Maine, clipped to state borders. 11/2014
MNAP Update of MNAP data. Available in ME_all.mxd and lyr 11/2014
NAIP 2013 NAIP photography from 2013. Available in ME_base.mxd and lyr. 11/2014
lynx critical habitat Update to critical habitat in Maine. 10/2014
IFW NEC Update to IFW NEC points and habitat polygons. 9/2014
zones_poly Update of LURC protection and development zones. 9/2014
New Brunswick roads & hydro Data (hydro and roads) from GeoNB put in Canada folder. Includes layer file to easily add data to ArcMap. 9/2014
Alewife & Smelt data Distribution data from DMR 9/2014
me dot roads DOT roads-update. 9/2014
boat launches Boat launches-update. 9/2014
ng roads and ng911pts next gen 911 roads and address points- NEW; replaces e911 roads. 9/2014
vernal pools vernal pools-update. 9/2014
conserved lands conserved-lands update. 9/2014
eelgrass 2013 MDMR eelgrass for Casco Bay. 6/2014
WMD MDIFW Wildlife Management Districts 5/14
lynx Lynx location data for Maine 5/14
Land cover Two new datasets for Maine 5/14
BwH Updated layers from Beginning with Habitat program.  
MassGIS data Layers updated include Open Space, Town Survey, Townds, BioMap and Roads,. 3/2014
ashab3 Updated salmon habitat data. 12/2013
NOAA dams Identification and survey of small dams in Maine Salmon Habitat Recovery Units 12/2013
tidal wetland restoration Some data dug out of the archives, for coastal Maine. 12/2013
Freeport parcels Update 11/2013
Parcels Parcels for Freedom and Palermo. 8/2013
NEC locations Updated data from MDIFW for NEC locations and habitat delineatins. 7/2013
North Yarmouth parcels Update 6/2013
R5FwsCadastral_050113 Update of Region 5 Refuges Cadastral layer 6/2013
DMR_shellfish_biotoxin historical shellfish harvest area biotoxin closure information 4/13
zones_polys; Zoning for LURC 4/13
conserved lands Conservation lands update from ME DOC. 4/13
parcels Parcel lines for ME organized towns; update. 4/13
Appalachian Trail Centerline of trail along with parking areas and shelters. 4/13
IFW_SVPBuffers and IFW_SVPCenterPts Vernal pool data, MDIFW; update. 3/13
parcels Parcel lines for ME unorganized and organized towns; update. 3/13
metwp24 ME political boundaries update. 3/13
medotpubrds ME DOT public roads update. 3/13
iwwh Inland wading bird and waterfowl habitat update, MDIFW. 3/13
Orthoimagery Layer Files Layer Files for ArcMap that can be used to load imagery into ArcMap from MEGIS servers. 3/13
ortho dates Dates of 2012 ortho photography, ME. 3/13
e911rds Roads update from ME DOT. 3/13
conserved lands Conservation lands update from ME DOC. 3/13
brdgs Bridges update from ME DOT. 3/13


Historical shellfish closure data; ME DMR. 3/13
metwp_diss_SB Maine seabird islands. 3/13
York parcel Update to town parcel layer. 3/13
mnap updated ME Natural Areas Program point data. 3/13
salmon data Updated ashab2, ashab3 and added smolt trap location data. 2/13
MarineBirdData Update to MDIFW shorebird database. 1/13
Lidar index Indices showing extent and collection periods of Maine (some MA, NH and RI) lidar. Data (1.2TB) is available on an external hard disk. 12/12
Sebago2007 Parcels for Sebago 11/12
eagle nests update from MDIFW 9/12
BOEM Data from Bureau of Ocean Energy Management. 9/12
MNRCP Projects in MNRCP. 9/2012
removed dams Updated GOMP layer that documents dams removed in Maine. 8/2012
NEAC Northeast Aquatic Connectivity. 8/2012
parcels Parcel boundaries for organized towns. 8/2012
index_pen_bay Imagery index; imagery available from web service. 8/2012
zones_polys; cemeteries Zoning for LURC; update to cemeteries 8/2012
metwp24s Polygon and line town boundaries; 24K. 8/2012
flood_zones Flood hazard risk zones; Oxford and Kennebec counties. 8/2012
wildlife_mgmt_districts; vernal pools; iwwhs; eelgrass2010 Updates from IFW and DMR 8/2012
medotpurbrdss; E911 DOT and E911 roads 8/2012
MGS_dirsheds Watershed areas of surface waters that are active sources of Maine public water supplies 8/2012
mnap Updated mnapeos (May 2012). 8/2012
meospreyBRI Updated meosprey layer. 7/2012
lynx distribution Update received from MDIFW. 8/2012
New Gloucester parcels New data from New Gloucester web site. 6/2012
MFT Lands encumbered by Maine Farmland Trust. 6/2012
Conserved lands Updated layers from TNC and MDIFW 5/2012
buxton2010 Parcels for Buxton. 3/2012
mcht Update of MCHT conservation lands 2/2012
e911rds Update to e911rds 1/2012
parcels Update to MEGIS parcels (organized townships); many updates to towns Downeast. 1/2012
MGS_dirshed Update to MEGIS public drinking water surface supply watersheds 1/2012
IFW_svpcenterpts Update to vernal pool data layer. 1/2012
IFW_iwwh Update to inland wading bird and waterfowl habitat 1/2012
cemeteries Cemetery locations; MEGIS. 1/2012
metwp24_CIRdiss Several files based on metwp24 with addition of island names and Coastal Island Registry fields; developed for Maine Islands work by GOMP. 1/2012
waterford parcels Parcels for town of Waterford. 12/2011
FWS Cadastral National Wildlife Refuge boundaries. 11/2011
MEGIS updates Updates to the following layers in ME_vector.gdb: GEOLOGY: Aquifer contacts, aquifer polygons, seismic lines, surficial materials; DEMOGRAPHIC: cngrss11, senate03, house03, and devtrack; BIOLOGY: ifw_dwa, ifw vernal pools, mgs well models TRANSPOPRTATION: e911rds, railroutesys (replaces merail24), ADMIN BOUNDARIES: metwp24 associated tables; ; CADASTERAL: parcels; ELEVATION: lake depths; INLAND WATER: midas. 11/2011
land cover NOAA C-CAP land cover and land cover change for ME, NH and MA for 2006, including land cover change from 2001 to 2006. 11/2011
Kennebunk parcels From town website 11/2011
BPL cons lands MDOC/BPL conservation land holdings in ME 10/2011
ashab3 Update to salmon habitat data. 9/2011
Maritime Limts Maritime limits and international boundaries from NOAA. 7/2011
metwp24 and e911 MEGIS layers updated. 7/2011
SVCA New conservation lands data for the SVCA service center area. 7/2011
MDIFW Updated MDIFW data. 6/2011
BwH New Beginning with Habitat data. 6/2011
Ecological Services Various datasets including energy and NEC. 5/2011
Omnerik's Ecoregions From EPA 4/2011
Bailey's Ecoregions From USFS. 4/2011
ne_state_province Political boundaries of northeast states and provinces. 3/2011
IFW conservation lands Update to IFW wildlife management areas. 3/2011
PADUS1.1 Protected areas data for U.S. 3/2011
parcels_ut & parcels Parcels of unorganized and organized townships. 3/2011
ehplvtrn Piping plover/least tern essential habitat 3/2011
molluscan shellfish Molluscan shellfish areas 3/2011
me_vector.gdb Multiple updates; e911, conserved lands, zones_poly, wells, metpw24, 3/2011
FWS Multiple FWS datasets updated, including LCCs, office locations, etc. 3/2011
COBRA U.S. wide COBRA sites. 3/2011
EPA Facilities database update 3/2011
FAA obstacles Update 1/2011
MNAP Updated MNAP data. 1/2011
gouldsboro Parcels 1/2011
FwsCadastral FWS Refuge boundary update, nation wide. 1/2011
Perennial Streams Perennial streams for some salmon watersheds. 11/2010
NHD_flowlines NHD high resolution streams/flow lines for all of Maine; has GNIS stream names so it can be used for labeling. 11/2010
MCHT Update to MCHT conservation lands. 11/2010
SoMeConlandSouthMCHT Update from MCHT; Christina updates Mt A to the Sea area specifically. 10/2010
EPA facilities    
FAA obstacles Updated January 2011. 1/2011
ME_VECTOR Update to Maine municipal boundaries. Many updated layers in the Maine file geodatabase. Documentation of the FGD completed. 9/2010
NAIP 2009 1 meter color orthos for state of Maine 6/4/10
NWI_LUT Lookup table of NWI codes in Maine; parses attributes out to system, subsystem, class, etc. Located in me_vector.gdb. Joins to 1980's and 2004 NWI data. 5/5/2010
geo codes Updated table of ME towns and their geo codes. Located in me_vector.gdb. 5/5/2010
ME conserved lands Update of conserved lands in Maine from SPO 5/5/2010
EPA Facilities (CERCLA, etc.) updated 4/30/10
FAA Updated FAA obstacles 4/21/10
cnty24 Maine county boundaries update 4/14/10
metwp24 Maine admin boundaries update 4/14/10
e911rds 911 roads update 4/14/10
conserved lands Update of conserved lands in Maine from State Planning Office 3/2010
ME WMS New WMS's (web mapping service), including 2009 NAIP, are available. See pdf's in M:\GIS\ME\doq 2/2010
FAA towers Digital Obstacle File (DOF) data of towers, including wind turbines. 1/2010
EPA Facilities (superfund sites, etc.) update and new data for Level IV ecoregions. 2/2010
e911 Update to Maine 911 roads. 1/2010
FWS Various new layers, including BCR14 landbird, waterbird, shorebird focus areas; ACJV focus area boundaries, Geographic Framework, LCCs. 2/2010
bathgmp_clip GOM bathymetry clipped to remove upland areas. 1/2010
gomp_conspub Conservation and public lands tracked by GOMP. 2/2010
MNAP Update to MNAP data. 2/2010
MCHT Update to MCHT conservation lands statewide. 2/2010
Colortool Not really data, but a cool tool to help choose good colors in color ramps. Extension is in \gis\xextensions\ColorTool. Also available online. This tool is based on the ColorBrewer webapp.  

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Last updated: February 12, 2020