Salmon data - Maine

Habitat data for the Atlantic Salmon, a federally listed endangered species, and other diadromous fish species. Use ME-salmon.lyr to bring this data into ArcMap.

To view online, see the the Habitat Viewer.

Directory of \gis\me\salmon
date acq'd or developed
Atlas Directory of Maine Atlantic Salmon Habitat Atlas (PDFs).
ATS_Data_misc.gdb Miscellaneous DMR data sets pertaining to salmon, including redd counts, electrofishing and smolt trapping.
ATS_Listing.gdb DRAFT 2009 Salmon Habitat Recovery Unit (SHRU) listing information from Tara at NOAA. Includes an older feature dataset of 'Public Proposed Critical Habitat' from 10/2008 for comparison; see PDF and Word docs in this directory for more info on the 2008 data.


Directory with a File Geodatabase containing the Feature Class AllModelLines2012_0403 that predicts the amount of accessible Atlantic salmon rearing habitat throughout the Gulf of Maine DPS. The model was developed using data from habitat surveys conducted in the Machias, Sheepscot, Dennys, Sandy, Piscataquis, Mattawmkeag, and Soudabscook Rivers. The model uses reach slope derived from contour and digital elevation model (DEM) datasets, cumulative drainage area, and physiographic province to predict the total amount of rearing habitat within a reach. The variables included in the model explain 73% of the variation in rearing habitat.See metadata in ArcCatalog for more details. The directory also contains a report explaining the model. Feature class AllModelLines2012_0403 was from Alex Abbott 6/2016 and replaced the original 0328 feature class. The attribute Class provides a grouping of values of the Prop2011 attribute, which indicates the probability of suitable Atlantic salmon rearing habitat existing in that particular stream segment. The Class groupings essentially denote high (Class = 1), medium and low values.
Barriers Data on stream and river barriers to fish passage. Metadata/docementation available in the Barriers folder. Includes folder of Barrier Priority maps for Casco Bay (2012), Penobscot (2009), Saco (2011)and St. Croix (2014). Data provided by Alex Abbott. Also see the Maine Stream Habitat Viewer.
Databases Folder with misc diadromous fish databases (traps, redds, smolts, etc.) including the Maine Salmon database. 2019
Habitat_Data Directory of salmon habitat data including spawning, rearing habitat and basic characteristics/features. Updated through 2018 field season.
MDIFW_fish.gdb Fisheries data from MDIFW, including Brook Trout waters.
Perennial_Networks Directory containing shapefiles and FGD of perennial streams (intermittent streams are excluded) extracted from high resolution NHD flowlines by Alex. Island channels were reduced to one channel based on interpretation of major channel from DRG/DOQ with the exception that if a barrier was on the minor channel the minor channel was retained and the major channel removed. Watersheds include Androscoggin, Coastal (Phippsburg to Cobscook Bay), Kennebec and Penobscot. Updated irregularly, NHD_PlusFlowLine.gdb was uploaded 6/2019.
RiverKM Contains geo-referenced RiverKM networks for GOM DPS salmon rivers and non-GOM DPS salmon rivers. Directory containing River_KM.gdb with Arc and Route centerlines of Maine rivers for which Atlantic salmon data exists; used in conjunction with the *kmt.dbf tables to generate 10-meter incremental point measures for locating data events (see RiverkmMeasures). RiverKM.mdb downloaded from salmon website 5/2019 (renamed RiverKM.gdb)
Watersheds_misc.gdb Directory of watershed boundaries and masks. This is older data and may not necessarily depict watershed boundaries correctly, but it is a nice collection of watershed boundaries that is easy to use while also providing 'masks' that can be used to mask the area outside of a watershed. For the most up to date watershed boundareis use \gis\ME-Watersheds.lyr which uses the NHD 'hu*' feature classes in the file dataset "Inland_Water" in the file geodatabase \gis\me\ME_vector


Last updated: June 20, 2019