Conservation and Public Lands

Directory of data containing large scale conservation and public lands at town or regional levels. Includes federal, state, town, and land trust ownership and easement. This data should not be redistributed outside USFWS (digital or portrayed on a map) without approval by Gulf of Maine Coastal Program or the data source. Private lands in these data sets also should not be displayed on maps without permission of the source (usually the land trust). Data should not be displayed without a note similar to: "Public access to these lands may be limited. Contact landowner for more information."

Directory also contains a file geodatabase, LandTrustServiceAreas.gdb, that delineates the service areas of land trusts in Maine.

To add most conservation lands data to ArcMap, load M:\gis\ME-Conservation-Public lands.lyr

Most recent/relevant data is in bold or blue.

gomp_conspub.gdb File geodatabase of conservation lands collected by GOMP with the following feature classes:
Feature Class Description Currentness


Line bounaries of Acadia National Park (originally ACAD_CurrentFeeBoundary_LN_20161116; from Karen Anderson, Acadia NPS GIS) 11/2016


Acadia National Park boundary, polygons. (originally ACAD_ParkBndCARTO_PY_20161116; from Karen Anderson, Acadia NPS GIS) 11/2016
acadia_boundary_2009 Acadia NPS boundary (originally ParkBoundry_Poly_CARTO_200901.shp; from NPS). 1/2009
acadia_nat_park_2000 Data from COA/ANP for ANP protected parcels in and around Mount Desert Island; parcel level scale; currentness ~ 2000 (anp46_nad27; acquired 12/00) ~2000
arundel From CMP (arundel-conser; acquired 3/01) 1999/2000
biddeford From CMP (bidd-conserva; acquired 3/01) 1999/2000
BPL_Cons_Lands_region Maine BPL's conservation lands. See BPL_Con_Lands 2011-10.txt for field descriptions. 10/2011
brlt Conservation holdings of Boothbay Region Land Trust; from SVCA 7/2011; originally called brltpy_0408 and assumed to be current as of 4/2008. 4/2008
cape_elizabeth From CMP (cpecon~1; acquired 3/01) 1999/2000
cmlt_1 Conservation holdings of Coastal Mountains Land Trust; from SVCA. 7/2011
cnld03 From Wells NERR, conservation and public lands for Southern coastal ME, acq'd May 2004. 5/2003
conserved_lands Conservation lands layer developed by MDOC. Moved to me_vector.  
dlwa Conservation holdings of Damariscotta Lake Watershed Alliance; from SVCA; originally called dlwa_12_09. 12/2009
dra Conservation holdings of Damariscotta River Association; from SVCA, originally called dra_03_09. 3/2009
eliot From CMP (eliot conserv; acquired 3/01) 1999/2000
grlt Conservation holdings of Georges River Land Trust; from SVCA. 7/2011
gomp_conspub Conservation and public lands shapefile maintained by GOMP. Includes many parcels in progress. See metadata for full description and lutables directory for lookup tables. 5/2017
kennebunk From CMP (klt holdings; acquired 3/01) 1999/2000
kennebunkport From CMP (kennebkpt-conserva; acquired 3/01) 1999/2000
kep_tracts8 TNC parcels/conslands for Kennebec Estuary; also see newer version 'TNC' below. 2002
lutables Directory of lookup tables for codes in gomp_conspub.  
maine_land_trusts Work areas of Maine land trusts; individual files from MCHT appended by GOMP 2001
mcht Maine Coast Heritage Trust conservation lands 1/2012
mdi-mcht2000 Protected lands on Mount Desert Island as determined by MCHT; from COA; (allmcht2000; acquired 12/00) 2000
mdi from COA; additional parcel level protected lands data for Mount Desert Island; currentness uncertain; (mdipro12; acquired 12/00 ~1999
mecnslnd Replaced by conserved_lands above. Contains conservation lands ownership boundaries at 1:24,000 scale for Maine land in federal, state, and non-profit ownership with easements. See metadata in ArcCatalog. Often called ME Kelly. 2004
MFT Maine Farmland Trust holdings; see email in this directory. 6/18/2012
mvlt Conservation holdings of Medomak Valley Land Trust; from SVCA 7/11; originally mvlt_6_11. 6/2011
old_orchard_beach From CMP (acquired 3/01) 1999/2000
pwa Conservation holdings of Pemaquid Watershed Association. From SVCA. 7/2011
saco From CMP (sacocon; acquired 3/01) 1999/2000
scarborough From CMP 1999/2000
SoMeConlandSouthMCHT2012 Conservation lands in Southern Maine, in conjunction with Wells, NERR. 2010
SoMeConlandNorth Southern Maine conservation lands from WNERR; 3/2008 (note currentness is incorrect in metadata). 3/2008
SoMeConlandSouth Southern Maine conservation lands from WNERR; 3/2008 (note currentness is incorrect in metadata). 3/2008
SoMeConlandSouthold Older version of conservation lands from WNERR.  
svca Conservation holdings of Sheepscot Valley Conservation Association. From SVCA. 7/2011
svca_other Other conservation lands in the Sheepscot Valley Conservation Association service center area. From SVCA 7/2011. 7/2011
swla Conservation holdings of Sheepscot Wellspring Land Alliance (upper Sheepscot River Valley). From SVCA 7/2011
TNC TNC Managed Area Polygons; includes TNC, and shareable State, Federal, and Land Trust lands. See notes in this directory. 5/2014
wells From CMP (wells conservation; acquired 3/01) 1999/2000
wma_boundaries MDIFW Wildlife Management Boundaries from Ryan Robicheau. Lines developed based on handheld GPS data collection at corners where possible and bearings/distances from surveys. 6/1/2012
york From CMP (york-conserv; acquired 3/01) 1999/2000
YorkLT_holdings From York Land Trust; they received from WNERR. 10/2009

parcels.dbf - Database of ME land trust conserved lands; compiled by Curtis Bohlen's env. studies class at Bates College 1997; from MCHT; no geographical referencing. See also the MS Access database 'ME land trust conserved lands.mdb.'

LEVEL OF PROTECTION (PDF)table used in gomp_conspub defines 5 distinct levels of protection for conservation and public lands.

Acronyms used:
ANP=Acadia National Park
CMP=Coastal Mosaic Project (project no longer in existence; part of WNERR)
COA=College of the Atlantic
MCHT=Maine Coast Heritage Trust
NAWCA=North American Wetland Conservation Act

Feature Class Description
ME_Land_Trusts_201904 Service areas of Land Trusts in Maine; from MCHT. Contact Martie Crone at MCHT for more information. Acquired July 2019.
MNRCP.gdb Maine Natural Resource Conservation Program; File Geodatabase containing the following feature classes (use Layer file to add data to MXD):
Feature Class Description (see Word doc in this directory for more info) Currentness
FishPassage Fish passage restoration projects; linear 8/2012
FullProposals Subset of LOI; Projects receiving Full Proposal consideration; polygon. 8/2012
ILF_Impacts DEP/Corps impact projects where in-lieu fee was used; this is where the funds for MNRCP come from. Point feature class. 8/2012
LOI Letter of intent; Every compensation project application received by MNRCP; includes a status indicating if they were ultimately funded. Point feature class. 8/2012


Last updated: July 22, 2019