This directory is a File Geodatabase me_vector.gdb . This GDB contains many general, base, statewide layers in Feature Datasets similar to the Data Categories at some State GIS catalogs and formerly at
Feature Dataset definition Description of data contained in the Feature Class
Administrative_Boundaries Administrative and Political Boundaries Political and administrative boundaries and relative information.
Agriculture Agriculture and Farming Rearing of animals or cultivation of plants. (No layers currently)
Atmosphere Atmosphere and Climate Dynamic processes and phenomena of the atmosphere. (No layers currently)
Biology Biology and Ecology Flora and/or fauna, and their natural environments.
Business Business and Economic Business, economic and business geographic interests. (No layers currently)
Cadastral Cadastral Survey and Parcels Information pertaining to the Interests in real property or used in planning and development efforts.
Cadastral_GOMP Cadastral Survey and Parcels Cadastral data (parcels maps) gathered by GOMP that may have restricted distribution.
Demographic Cultural, Society and Demographic Broad category of social, cultural and demographic information (including GNIS).
Elevation Elevation and Derived Products Elevation data describing the height above or below a reference datum.
Environment Environment and Conservation Community Environmental and conservation data.
Geology Geological and Geophysical Data pertaining to the sciences dealing with the composition, structure and origin of the Earth's rocks and soils.
Imagery_and_Basemaps Imagery and base maps Information about general base maps, place names, description and characteristics of the land's surface. Includes imagery indices for many sources of Maine imagery. Much of the imagery is available from GOMP GIS doq directory or online from the MEGIS imagery server.
Inland_Water Inland Water Resources Data on rivers, lakes, wetlands, canals, glaciers, dams, wells, floods and flood hazards, streamflow, water use and similar themes.
Locations Location and Geodetic Network Earth's positional information and associated services.
Oceans Oceans and coasts Coastal and ocean framework data, or data that is needed for research, planning and management of coastal and ocean resources.
Transportation Transportation Networks Means and aids for conveying persons and/or goods.
Utilities Utilities and Communication Energy, water, waste water and communications services - includes consumers, consumption and service areas.
geocodes Township names and codes for METWP24. 11/2011
NWI_LUT Table of NWI ATTRIBUTE codes parsed out into System, subsystem, etc. See brief metadata in ArcCatalog.
wells_tingis Attribute data for Public Water Supply wells in Maine; use with Biology\wells feature class. 3/2011.


Last updated: October 17, 2016