"Inland_Water" feature dataset for Maine
Feature class Description Publication date
hu10_a_me Ten digit HUC (Hydrologic Unit Code) watersheds from NRCS. Typically 40,000 to 250,000 acresSee metadata in ArcCatalog. 5/2008
hu12_a_me Twelve digit HUC's (sub-watersheds) from NRCS (smallest watersheds delineated by NRCS; see medrdvd for further delineation). Typically 10,000 to 40,000 acres. See metadata in ArcCatalog. 5/2008
hu12_l_me Vector line representation of HUC edges. See metadata in ArcCatalog. 5/2008
hu6_a_me Six digit HUC's (Basins) from NRCS (largest watersheds). See metadata in ArcCatalog. 2005
hu8_a_me Eight digit HUC's (Subbasins) from NRCS; units larger than 250,000 acres.. 2005
hyd24l Line hydrology 1:24,000 scale. Includes right and left riverbanks. High resolution (24k) hydro done by MEGIS for NHD. 2004
hyd24n Hydrology network, 1:24,000 scale. Has line going through center of rivers and lakes. High resolution (24k) hydro done by MEGIS for NHD. See NHD_flowline below for this layer with GNIS names. 2004
hyd24p Lake/pond/river hydrology polygons, 1:24,000 scale. Can be used with hyd24n to create hydrology layer in ArcMap. High resolution (24k) hydro done by MEGIS for NHD. 2004
impounds Point locations of dams at 1:24,000 scale. Original data was from Army Corps of Engineers. Additional points and spatial corrections made by MDEP. See metadata in ArcCatalog. Downloaded from MEGIS 9/2010. 2006
impounds_removed Impounds layer edited by GOMP to show only the dams that have been removed along with year of removal and any relative comments. Dams not in original Impounds layer were added using other available references as noted in comments field. 8/2012
medrdvd Watershed/drainage boundaries as created and digitized by Maine Geologic Survey resulting in a finer delineation than the HUC12 layer. Arc and polygon layer. From MEGIS. 1994
midas A point feature dataset derived from the 1:24,000 hydrography polygons for Maine. This dataset was created to represent and maintain unique attribution for Maine's pond, river and island features. Please refer to the metadata in ArcCatalog for complete information. 8/2011
NHD_flowline Statewide high resolution (24k) flowline layer appended together (by GOMP in 2010) from all Maine basins. Similar to hyd24l above but with GNIS names; GOMP made edits and removed some GNIS stream or river names that appear out in bays. This feature class is in the ME-base and ME-hydro layer files.  
NWI_coastal2007Area This feature class delineates the extent of the NWI coastal update completed in 2007. See Tier 1 and Tier 2 supplemental map information for more details. 2007
NWI_coastal2007line NWI coastal Maine update (2007); linear wetlands (wetlands generally too small [less than 40 feet wide] to delineate with a polygon). 2007
NWI_coastal2007poly NWI coastal Maine update (2007); polygons. See Tier 1 and Tier 2 supplemental map information for more details. This project updates the NWI data from mid-1980's; latest available orthophotography was used to modify the mid-1980's data. In addition, hydric soil data from NRCS was used to capture additional potential wetlands. 2007
NWI_state1985line Statewide NWI from mid 1980's; linework. mid 1980's
NWI_state1985poly Statewide NWI from mid 1980's; polygons. mid 1980's


Statewide NWI downloaded from NWI . Includes recent updates on Refuges, vintage 1980's, and 2007. Doesn't include hydric soils data/polygon interpretations (which is included in the NWI_coastal2007 data) 9/2014
wetdlg_100k Major wetlands as digitzed from USGS 1:100,000 scale DLG hydrography. From MEGIS. 1991


Last updated: December 17, 2014