Data from Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife (MDIFW)

All data in this directory is from MDIFW and should not be redistributed or portrayed on maps outside of the USFWS without permission of MDIFW.

Also see Beginning with Habitat data.

Directory of \gis\me\mdifw
date acq'd or developed
Androscoggin_1982_surveys.pdf Depth surveys of lower Androscoggin River; Francis Brautigan 1982. From FOMB, June 2009. 6/2009
ETSC Mapping protocol for endangered, threatened and special concern species. 2/2017
ICENSUSdata.mdb Seabird census data (icensus & sni); MS Access format. Includes most field data through 2008 (Brad didn't have GOMSWG minutes so there may be a few missing data for some terns on some minor islands). Also doesn't include results from 2008 aerial photo census of gulls and cormorants. Outdated; see most recent data below: 11/2010
lake_fish_spp_inv.xls Lake inventories statewide from PEARL  
lkindex.dbf Fishery data for lakes (5,864 entries): hardcopy metadata available; MDIFW Owen Fenderson (see also MDEP lakepts ) 1990
lksur90.dbf Fishery survey data for lakes (1,943 entries); hardcopy metadata available; MDIFW Owen Fenderson. 1990
Maine Nesting Seabirds.accdb Database of Maine Nesting Seabirds, up to date maybe through 2013; most up to date database as of Jan 2017. From Glenn Mittelhauser Feb 1, 2017. 1/2017
ME Breeding Seabird Atlas.pdf Atlas of Maine Nesting Seabirds; data through 2013 field season. 8/2013
MarineBirdData.mdb Shorebird survey data; should link to shorebird_sites. Includes field data through 2012. 1/2013
PEARL Select tabular datasets from PEARL (brook trout, stocking, electrofishing, etc.) with metadata in PDF. 3/2008
File Geodatabase, MDIFW.gdb contents:
canada_lynx_review_area_2008 Delineation of review area for lynx impact for FWS, MDOT and FHA. Shapefile originally from MEFO. 2/2009
cwwh98 Coastal Wading Bird & Waterfowl Habitat; polygon shapefile 'relates' to survey data cwwhdata.dbf; developed by GOMP from MDIFW data (process description). Superceded by TWWH below (which doesn't use the survey data). 1997
cwwhdata CWWH summarized survey data/table (average counts for each spp.) from mid 1980's. 1997
dwa Deer wintering areas for organized towns. See ME_Vector for most recent. 4/2008
dwa_lurc Deer wintering areas for LURC jurisdiction areas. MDIFW metadata 2001
eagle-winter Bald eagle winter survey 1997; no metadata; MDIFW 1997
EagleNestHist Eagle nest history database; relates to eaglenests point feature class. Over 28,000 records. 6/2014
EagleActBuffer Nests (881) appropriate for protection under the Bald Eagle-Golden Eagle Act. Sites are current through the 2018 field season, with one nest added in 2019. 7/2019

Bald eagle nest locations from 2018 nesting season field surveys with some updates in 2019; 2,079 points. Metadata available in folder.

EagleNestBuffer 660 feet (200 meters) and 1,320 feet (400 meters) buffers on active nests (n=780). This can be used as a short-term screening tool to ID potential issues for the new bald eagle national management guidelines under the Bald Eagle-Golden Eagle Act. 6/2014
ehplvrtrn Essential habitat for piping plover and least tern. No changes since 2011. 5/2011
eh_rtern Roseate tern essential habitat. See Essential Habitats document (18MB pdf) for details, etc. (dated 3/1/2006). Metadata is from 2003. No changes since 2008. 4/2008
ETSc Locations of wildlife species that are endangered, threatened, or of special concern in Maine; multi-part polygons, 16,559 polygons. May include many records per polygon. Previously RTE/BCD/Heritage data. See mapping protocols in ETSC documentation.pdf. 4/2018
iwwh Inland Waterfowl/Wading Bird Habitat (IWWH) with a high or moderate rating are significant wildlife habitat and are protected under NRPA. Low-rated IWWHs are not NRPA. Also see ArcCatalog for metadata and Coop Unit writeup. Current file (without Low rated polygons) for general distribution is in ME_vector Biology. 5/2017
iwwh_wetlands Wetlands used to map IWWH. 1/2009
iwwh_wetland_footprints Wetland footprints (merged perimeter of the component wetlands) used to map IWWH. 1/2009
LynxDistribution_APR2014 Shapefile of lynx locations; be sure to review metadata in ArcCatalog before using; Word Doc also available in this directory. Also see 'canada lynx...' above. Received from MDIFW 4/2014. 04/2014
marshbirds Occurrence data (season total) for American black duck, American bittern, common snipe, pied-billed grebe, and wood duck for 1998, 1999, and 2000; point file; MDIFW/GOMP Tom Hodgman. No updates after 2000, and no updates expected in the future. 2000
meosprey Osprey nest locations; point coverage; MDIFW/GOMP Charlie Todd. Some USFWS updates in Casco Bay/Boothbay region in 2009. No further update expected. 1999
meospreyBRI Update of meosprey: osprey nest locations. Point layer being updated by BRI and MDIFW. Many meosprey points are not included. No update expected. 7/2012
mi99_polygon Seabird nesting islands of national significance; outdated, see MI2002 below. MDIFW/GOMP 1999
MI2002 Maine coastal nesting islands data through the 2002 nesting season; includes nest counts, island significance, etc. Point and polygon file available. Developed/data GOMP/MDIFW/PMNWR 3/2004
MI2007 Maine coastal nesting islands data through the 2007 nesting season; includes nest counts, island significance, etc. Added 5 new islands to nationally significant islands list since MI2002, total is now 382; 87 islands are in the preferred alternative. Point and polygon file available. Developed/data by GOMP/MDIFW/PMNWR 2007
PIPL_nests Piping plover nest locations; 1979-2017. See annual reports in this MDIFW folder. 2017
regions_admin Administrative regions of MDIFW; uncertain of origin.  
sharptsp Sharptail sparrow; point coverage; join with sharptsp99.dbf; MDIFW, Hodgman. 1999
shorebirds Shorebird Significant Wildlife Habitat areas - MDIFW official designation. 579 polygons. 5/2011
shorebird_sites Shorebird feeding and roosting areas; all sites. Links to MarineBirdData.mdb for count and other data. Doesn't include some of the latest purple sandpiper areas. These are areas of management concern; surveys started in 1993. See also 'shorebirds' layer above. 1,224 polygons. 8/2009
sni NRPA Seabird nesting islands. No changes since 2008. Also in ME_Vector. 4/2008
twwh Tidal wading bird and waterfowl habitat (see also cwwh98 above). See documentation in this folder. 7/2016
waderpts Wading bird colonies, MDIFW/GOMP; created by GOMP in 1998 from 1996 data. Will probably be updated in Fall/Winter 2009/10. 1996
WBC Wading Bird Colonies 2013
wildlife_management_districts Wildlife Management Districts; see wildlife_management_districts.txt for metadata. Downloaded from MEGIS 5/2014 1/2010

Winter waterfowl survey data is available in Coastal Waterbird Survey directory.

Last updated: July 19, 2019