Data from Maine Department of Environmental Protection (MDEP)

All data in this directory is from MDEP and should not be redistributed or portrayed on maps outside of the USFWS without permission of MDEP.

Directory of \gis\me\mdep
File Geodatabase mdep_gis.gdb
Feature Classes:
Feature Class
date acq'd or developed
dams97 Old/archive shapefile of dams updated by MDEP for locational accuracy (to 24K data) and some additional dams added; 1:24K scale. Projected to NAD83 in dams97_nad83; no metadata. Original source is Army Corps of Engineers. Added field removed to indicate year of dam removal if applicable. See 'impounds' for most recent data, including removed dams. 7/24/01
lakedpth Lake depth/bathymetry sample data for Maine lakes. Generated from MDEP and MDIFW field data. 2004
lakepts Original MIDAS (State agency lake coding/numbering scheme) shapefile. See also lkindex.dbf and lksur90.dbf. See new shapefile, ponds_and_lakes below in the hydro directory. 2001 or earlier
Feature datasets:
groundwater Feature Dataset of groundwater data (public water, wells, groundwater hazard sites)
Feature Classes
date acq'd or
  GWSites Shapefile of groundwater hazard sites; no metadata. 5/2003
  PubWaterBedrock Shapefile of bedrock source water protection areas. 5/2003
  PubWaterIntakeBuff Shapefile of public water supplies supplied by surface water 5/2003
  PubWellBuff Shapefile of buffer zones for public drinking water wells. 5/2003
  PubWells Shapefile of wellhead protection areas for public drinking water wells. 5/2003
  PubWellTravel Shapefile of travel times of groundwater to public drinking water wells. 5/2003
hydro Feature Dataset of hydrology (streams, rivers, water classification, MIDAS, etc.)  
Shapefile of coastal waters including water quality information; 1:24K. 12/2003
  ponds and lakes Point shapefile of ponds & lakes which have at some time been issued a MIDAS number by MDIFW, MDEP or MSPO. Updated version of lakepts shapefile above. See MDEP documentation (PDF). 12/2003
Pond & lake features with names, MIDAS numbers, HUCs, etc. Updated version of lakepts shapefile above. See MDEP documentation (PDF). 12/2003
Shapefile of rivers including name and water quality classification; 1:24K. 12/2003
Shapefile of streams including name and water quality classification; 1:24K. (renamed from streams_with_water_class) 12/2003
ESI Environmental Sensitivity Index maps provide a concise summary of coastal resources that are at risk if an oil spill occurs nearby. Examples of at-risk resources include birds, shellfish beds, sensitive shorelines (such as coral reefs), and public beaches and parks. PDF and File Geodatabase are downloaded in this folder and are also available online. 2016
evi Environmental Vulnerability Index maps, version 2. Four volume mapbook set depicting environmental resources along the Maine coast at risk from oil spilled into the marine environment. This directory on the GIS server includes the 4 mapbooks, legend, introduction pages and a link to the EVI website. Also available on MDEP website. 7/2007
GRP Geographic Response Maps for oil spills are available online. These show potential plans for boom deployment and oil recovery in marine/estuarine environments.  
maine_dams Scan of large wall map of Dams in Maine from former ME Office of Energy Resources, B. Elder, August 1987. PDF, bmp, tiff and jpeg formats; jpeg is georeferenced. Number beside each dam corresponds with the data provided in the Inventory of Existing and Former Dams in Maine. Scanned by the FWS ES New York Field office 2009. See also corresponding Me_dams_table.pdf for listing of all dams on the map. 1987
MaineLakes_Geogrpahy_Morphometry.xls This data set contains morphometric and geographical information for Maine lakes. Also included is the MDEP trophic state assessment for each surveyed lake. Most data are from MDEP and MDIFW data files. Lake areas, perimeters and elevations were derived from GIS coverages. Some data are unavailable for some lakes. The data set also contains (a) a general statement about lake water quality; (b) status of documented infestations of invasive aquatic plants; and (c) fisheries management type. Includes MIDAS lake number to link with ponds_and_lakes (above) or in MIDAS points or hydro24p polygons in ME_Vector. 6,044 records in this spreadsheet. 11/2019


Last updated: November 18, 2019