Land cover data for Maine

This directory contains data from the 2001/2004 land cover work with NOAA and state and federal partners. Some of the data is in the ME_LandCover.gdb file geodatabase.

See also data from NOAA.

Directory of \gis\me\imagery\landcover
date acq'd or developed
documentation PDFs explaining the data and process.  
imperviousness_2004_2007 Documents changes in the spatial pattern of commercial and residential development between 2004 and 2007 in organized towns in Maine.  
ME_2010_CCAP_LAND_COVER Land cover classification. 2014
me_wellsnerr_2012_ccap_hr_land_cover Change analysis for Wells area. 2014
melcd_2004_imperviousness Impervious data set (geo-tif)derived from 5 meter SPOT imagery collected in summer 2004. See metadata available in ArcCatalog. 2004
melcd_2004_landcover Maine land cover data set primarily derived from 1999-2001 Landsat TM 5 and 7 imagery. NLCD 2001 with refinement by 2004 SPOT5 panchromatic imagery. 2004

nlcd_2001_canopy_change.tif - Change analysis from circa 1995 LandSat imagery to circa 2001; 30 meter.
nlcd_2001_canopy_closure.tif - Tree canopy closure for zone 66 (ME, parts of NH andVT); 30 meter.

nlcd_2001_imperviousness National Land Cover Data set of imperviousness; 30 meter. 2001

nlcd_1995_landcover.tif - Land cover data set for zone 66; 30 meter cell size.
nlcd_2001_landcover.tif - Land cover data set for zone 66; 30 meter cell size.
nlcd_2001_landcover_change.tif - Change analysis between 1995 and 2001 data sets for zone 66; 30 meter.

older_data Thirteen land cover data sets (geo-tiffs) from GOMP, GAP, CCAP and NLCD.  


File Geodatabase that contains 2004 and 2001 layers plus an NLCD 1995 land cover layer. 1995, 2001, 2004


Last updated: April 4, 2014