Statewide Datasets (many from MEGIS)

Some of these data are no longer kept current. See ME_vector.gdb for updated data.

Directory of \gis\me\cv:

Directory of \gis\gom\cv
layer name Description Date acquired moved to ME_vector.gdb
cngrss03 US Congressional districts; 1:100,000. 5/2005  
house03 ME House of Representatives districts; 100K 2003  
imperv Raster dataset of Impervious surfaces; from SPOT, 5 meter imagery (2004). See spreadsheet for error assessment. 10/20/05  
ME_land_trusts Land Trusts in Maine showing their working areas; MCHT. Originally Maine_Local_Trusts_update_105_2.shp. 3/05  
medem10 Digital eleveation model (DEM) GRID for part of Maine; 10 meter pixels, from MDEP. 2006  
medem10Clip medem10 clipped to MEoutl (not including islands)    
medem10m.img Digital elevation model (DEM) for Maine; uncertain source; 10 meter pixels, Imagine format.    
medem10mhill Hillshade of medem10m.img.    
medem24k Digital elevation model GRID; 30 meter pixels; From USGS/Hepenstall; original date ~1996.    
medem24k_shd hillshade of medem24k created by GOMP; other layers (add 20-60% transparency to them) can be draped over.    
medem24k_shdc medem24k_shd clipped to hydro and State boundary (Alex). 11/2014  
medem250k.bil Nice “DEM picture” of Maine, color coded for elevations; 400 meter pixels; From MOGIS.    
pipeline Maritimes Northeast natural gas pipeline circa 1999    
senate03 Polygons delineating the Maine Senate voting districts; 100k 2003  


Last updated: July 9, 2019