Data from the Beginning with Habitat program.
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Biology feature dataset for Organized Towns of Maine
Folder Description Publication Date
Connectivity Directory of habitat connectivity data developed for BwH, including habitat models for ten species (blanding's turtle, bobocat, fisher, northern leopard frog, mink, New England cottontail, northern black racer, spotted salamander, wood frog, wood turtle). See documentation within this folder.


File Geodatabase of BwH data. See 4 Data Summary.pdf for most current summary listing of data in this FGD. See ArcCatalog for most recent metadata. See \GIS\ME\MDIFW and \GIS\ME\MNAP for more data.
  Layer files in these folders may help display data:  


  FocusAreas Focus areas of statewide ecological significance.  
  ME_ConservedLands See conserved_lands for most recent data.  
  BlockConnectors_Highways Road crossing areas connecting large undeveloped blocks.  
  BlockConnectors_Riparian Road crossing areas connecting large undeveloped blocks.  
  BlockConnectors_Roads Road crossing areas connecting large undeveloped blocks.  
  DevelopedArea Inverse of undeveloped blocks layer.  
  ForestBlocks Large contiguous forest blocks.  
  UndevelopedBlocks Large undeveloped land areas.  


  aquifers Mapped significant aquifers  
  ImpervSurface Roads, Buildings, and other hard surfaces  
  PublicWells Public water supplies  
  RiparianBuffers_CoastRivers250 Coast and large river 250’ buffer areas  
  RiparianBuffers_GreatPonds250 Great pond 250’ buffer areas  
  RiparianBuffers_StreamPonds75 Stream-pond 75’ buffer areas  
  RiparianBuffers_Streams75 Stream 75’ buffer areas  
  SigVernalPools Mapped Significant Vernal Pools  
  WetChar Wetlands of 10+ acres.  
  Wetland10ac_Buffers 10+acre wetland 250’ buffer areas  
Maine Natural Areas Program  
  mnap_eos Locations of rare plant and exemplary natural communities. See metadata in ArcCatalog.  
MDIFW data  


Last updated: March 7, 2019