Directory of NOAA Charts for Maine

Layer Name and Path: \gis\me\noaa\charts\<chart number>

Geographic Extent: Coastal Maine

Scale: various; 1:5,000 to 1:80,000

Currentness: Varies by chart; see noaa layer in this directory.

Automation Date: 2000; GOMP acquired JAN 2001

Automation Agency: Maptech Inc. and Maine Department of Environmental Protection

Description: Georeferenced tiffs of NOAA nautical charts for entire coast of Maine.
Maine DEP created georeferenced tiffs from Maptech chart kit product. The layer noaa, located in this same directory, has the outline of all the charts and includes chart scale, chart number and date.

Data Restrictions: This data set can be freely distributed to users owning a license for the Maptech CDR2 chartkit.

Status: Complete for Maine coast

File Type/Format: Georeferenced tiffs


Last updated: December 13, 2013