GIS Data for Massachusetts

The /gis/ma directory contains GIS data for the state of Massachusetts. It contains the following directories. A Data Grantee agreement was established inApril 2005 that provides data sharing with MassGIS. Please contact me if you would like more information or if you would like these data installed at your FWS office. The easiest way to view this data is to open the file "MA_base.mxd" in this directory. Contact Bob Houston for details.



BioMap reports and data; links to web site.
Limited aerial photo, imagery, and USGS topo layers.


Long list of Layer files that can be used to bring data into ArcMap

Directory of Conservation lands/Open Space data and associate Layer files.
Directory of parcel data (not yet available on server).
Directory of town boundaries based on survey data.
File Geodatabases
MassDOT_Roads.GDB Roads data
MassGIS_VectorGISDATA.gdb Contains much of the data from MassGIS; collection of 650+ Feature Classes and tables. Check the MassGIS site for layer information.


Last updated: March 21, 2014