[see model narratives for details]

SPECIES basis of final map* map group
Alewife occurrences (freshwater) and model (marine) fish_raptors
American bittern model (tested) waterbirds
American black duck model (tested breeding, wintering) waterbirds
American eel occurrences (freshwater) and model (marine) fish_raptors
American shad occurrences (freshwater) and model (marine) fish_raptors
American woodcock model (tested courtship) shorebirds
Arctic tern model, occurrence data waterbirds
Atlantic salmon occurrences (freshwater) and model (marine) fed_listed
Atlantic sturgeon occurrences (freshwater) and model (marine) fish_raptors
Bald eagle model (tested) fed_listed
Bicknell's thrush model, occurrence data songbirds
Black, white-winged, surf scoters model, occurrence data (tested) waterbirds
Black tern model, occurrence data waterbirds
Black-bellied plover model, occurrence data shorebirds
Blueback herring occurrences (freshwater) and model (marine) fish_raptors
Bluefish model, Essential Fish Habitat designation, (tested) fish_raptors
Blue-winged warbler model (tested) songbirds
Canada lynx model (tested at township scale) fed_listed
Canada warbler model (tested) songbirds
Chestnut-sided warbler model (tested) songbirds
Common loon model (tested) waterbirds
Common snipe model (tested) shorebirds
Common tern model, occurrence data waterbirds
Eastern meadowlark model (tested) songbirds
Eastern prairie fringed orchid model, occurrence data fed_listed
Field sparrow model (tested) songbirds
Furbish's lousewort model, occurrence data fed_listed
Grasshopper sparrow model (tested) songbirds
Horseshoe crab model fish_raptors
Killdeer model (tested) shorebirds
Least sandpiper model, occurrence data shorebirds
Least tern model, occurrence data waterbirds
Northern flicker model (tested) songbirds
Northern goshawk model (tested) fish_raptors
Northern harrier model (tested) fish_raptors
Olive-sided flycatcher model (tested) songbirds
Osprey model (tested) fish_raptors
Peregrine falcon (eastern) occurrences fish_raptors
Pied-billed grebe model (tested) waterbirds
Piping plover model, occurrence data fed_listed
Plymouth redbelly turtle model, occurrence data fed_listed
Purple sandpiper model, occurrence data shorebirds
Red knot model, occurrence data shorebirds
Red-shouldered hawk model (tested) fish_raptors
Robbins' cinquefoil model, occurrence data fed_listed
Roseate tern model, occurrence data fed_listed
Saltmarsh sharp-tailed sparrow model, occurrence data songbirds
Sanderling model, occurrence data shorebirds
Scaup model (tested) waterbirds
Sedge wren model songbirds
Semipalmated sandpiper model, occurrence data shorebirds
Short-billed dowitcher model, occurrence data shorebirds
Short-eared owl model fish_raptors
Shortnose sturgeon occurrences (freshwater) and model (marine) fed_listed
Small whorled pogonia model (tested) fed_listed
Upland sandpiper model (tested) shorebirds
Veery model (tested) songbirds
Whimbrel model, occurrence data shorebirds
Winter flounder model (tested) fish_raptors
Wood duck model (tested) waterbirds
Wood thrush model (tested) songbirds

* 'tested' means the modeled habitat was significantly more frequently associated with known occurrences than with a random set of points

'occurrences' means the maps display point locations or river reaches having recent use, or polygons encompassing those sites

'model, occurrence data' means the habitats are identified using a combination of environmental modeling and survey data