EPA data for Gulf of Maine (or larger) region

Directory of EPA layers that encompass the Gulf of Maine watershed and beyond.

Directory of \gis\gom\EPA
layer name Description Currentness
  EcoregionsOmernik Ecoregions as areas with generally similar ecosystems and with similar types, qualities, and quantities of environmental resources. Ecoregion boundaries were determined by examining patterns of vegetation, animal life, geology, soils, water quality, climate, and human land use, as well as other living and non-living ecosystem components. Basically the same as NA CEC Areas but clipped to U.S. Oringinally created in 1987 with updates through 2003. From NationalAtlas.gov 2003
NA_CEC_Areas Ecological Regions of North America (1997). Downloaded (8/2008) from EPA Western Ecology Division see site for more information; also see Level I, II and III maps/PDFs within this directory on the GIS server. 1997
NA_CEC_Lines Linework of NA_CEC_Areas.shp 1997
  useco_rev1 Level III and IV ecological regions of North America. Draft, not complete for entire U.S. See 'useco_rev1_metadata.txt' in EPA directory for metadata. 2009
GEODATA_FeatureClass.mdb EPA sites including Superfund (NPL), RCRAInfo (EPA and State treatement, storage and disposal facilities; Large Quantity Generators[LCG], Corrective Actions), toxic release inventory system, Integrated Compliance Information System (ICIS) and Permit Compliance System (PCS), , Air Facility System (AFS; major discharges of air pollutants), Risk Management Plan (RMP), Section Seven Tracking System (SSTS) for pesticides and ACRES (brownfields properties). Downloaded from EPA. Dated metadata is available; see most up to data metadata in ArcCatalog for the Personal Geodatabase. 2/2011


Last updated: April 25, 2011