GIS Data for the Gulf of Maine Watershed, Region 5, or entire U.S.

The /gis/gom directory contains GIS data spanning 2 or more states in the Gulf of Maine, plus it also includes national and world data. For data contained entirely in Maine, New Hampshire or Massachusetts, see the appropriate directory.

Directory Description
24kbase Gulf of Maine base 24k data such as roads, hydro, political boundaries. Created in 2003 for IMS.
bd Biological data (aerial surveys, etc.)
BOEM Bureau of Ocean Energy Management
cv Gulf of Maine watershed, regional and national coverages.
DOE Data from Department of Energy
drg 1:250k scale (300MB) and 1:100k scale (1.8GB)USGS scanned topo quads
EPA Data from U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
FAA Data from Federal Aviation Administration.
habstudy Data from the GOM Watershed Habitat Study
NHD GOM-wide National Hydrology Data (NHD)
NLCD National Land Cover Dataset from MRLC/NLCD
NOAA Data from NOAA.
NREL National Renewable Energy Laboratory data - wind energy.
TNC Regional/National data from The Nature Conservancy
USACE US Army Corps of Engineers - hurrican surge
USFS Data from US Forest Service, including Bailey's land cover.
USFWS Data from USFWS including NWR boundaries, data for specific refuges, climate change, SHC, Regional boundaries, etc.
USGS Data from USGS.


Last updated: June 20, 2019