Gulf of Maine wide coverages

Directory of general coverages/GRIDS that encompass the Gulf of Maine watershed and beyond.

Directory of \gis\gom\cv
layer name Description Date acquired
at_ Appalachian Trail centerline, parking and shelters (3 shapefiles) from the AT Conservancy. 4/2013
bathgma, bathgmp Bathymetry downloaded from Mass GIS; arc & polygon shapefile; inshore areas not as detailed as bathy30 GRID; depths are in meters. GOMP clipped to remove upland areas in bathbmp_clip.shp 1999
bathy30 Bathymetry grid (30 meter cell size) developed by GOMP. Also see CD "Gulf of Maine Bathymetry & Other Data" in GOM CD drawer. See also ny_gome_contours below.  
canada Atlantic Provinces of Canada; political boundaries; 1:5M  
canada_cities Major cities in the Atlantic Provinces of Canada; 1:5M  
canada_lakes Major lakes in the Atlantic Provinces of Canada; 1:5M  
canada_rivers Major rivers in the Atlantic Provinces of Canada; 1:5M  
canada_roads Major roads in the Atlantic Provinces of Canada; 1:5M  
cgd110p020 110th Congressional District - United States 7/2007
cmt_all.shp FWS office locations based on the Corporate Master Table; downloaded from R9 GIS. Has multiple points for some offices. See FWS web page for more info. 1/2008
damcorps Dam locations from Army Corps of Engineers, early 1980's (metadata and update in progress)  
dam_nid National Inventory of Dams from Army Corps. 2005
dem250 Digital Elevation Model (GRID format) for GOM watershed; from USGS 1:250,000 DEMs  
ecoregions Ecoregions in Maine; no metadata available.  
landcover Landcover developed by GOMP  
NaturalEarth Folder containing data from Natural Earth, vector and raster map data at 1:10M scale. Very good, small-scale (zoomed-out) data including political boundaries, coastline, lakes, rivers, bathymetry, graticules, roads, populated places, time zones, shaded reliefe/natural earth, etc. See MXD and layer files in the folder. 6/2016
ne_cities Major cities in New England; 1:5M  
ne_cnty New England counties; 1:5M  
ne_cnty_dtl New England counties; 1:1M  
ne_placenames Major cities, towns, and villages in New England; 1:1M  
ne_roads Major roads in New England; 1:5M  
ne_roads_dtl Major roads in New England; 1:1M  
ne_state_province Northeast (R5) states and Canadian provinces. Polygon and line shapefiles. Good quality, from 2C1F (Two Countries One Forest project).  
ne_states Political boundaries of New England states; 1:5M  
ne_states_dtl Political boundaries of New England states; 1:1M  
ne_water New England lakes and rivers; 1:5M  
ny_gome_countours Bathymetic countours (lines), New York through Gulf of Maine. From USGS. See ny_gome_countours.txt for metadata. 2002
PAD Folder containing United States Protected Area Database; PAD-US 2.0 (USGS GAP). See ArcCatalog or fact sheet in this directory for metadata. Open MXD in this directory to easily view data. 7/2019
salinity Salinity zones; GRID 30m cell; from GOMP  
substrate Marine substrates; GRID 30m cell; from GOMP  
watershed Gulf of Maine watershed boundary (United States portion only) (1:24k-100k).  
watershed_US_CAN Gulf of Maine watershed boundary, US and Canada. Uncertain of source.  


Last updated: July 19, 2019