Digital Elevation Model (DEM) for Gulf of Maine

Coverage Name and Path: /gis/gom/dem250 and /gis/gom/dem250clipped

Geographic Extent: Gulf of Maine watershed

Scale: 1:250,000

Automation Date: June 2000

Automation Agency: Compiled by GOMP; Arnold Banner

Source of Data: DEMs from USGS

Description: Digital elevation model derived from 28 DEMs downloaded from USGS. Elevation is in meters and cell size is about 79 meters. Click here for specific notes. The GRID dem250clipped is clipped to the waterhsed boundary.

Data Restrictions: Distribute freely with this documentation.

Status: Complete

Projection: UTM zone 19, meters, NAD 83

File Type/Format: ArcInfo GRID

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keywords: DEM, elevation, digital elevation model, contour, 250k, Gulf of Maine watershed, Maine, Massachussetts, New Hampshire