National Wildlife Refuge Data

Directory for cadastral data (boundaries) and limited data for each of the National Wildlife Refuges in the Gulf of Maine watershed. These directories contain data specific to each refuge.

Directory of \gis\gom\usfws\nwrs:

Name description date acq'd or developed
FWSCadastral.gdb Refuge boundaries file geodatabase, nationwide. 3/2015
R5FwsCadastral_2015_07_29.gdb Region 5 Refuge boundaries. 7/2015
GBNWR Directory of data for Great Bay NWR, New Hampshire  
GreatThicket Great Thicket NWR acquisition boundary from RO BZinni 11/2016
LUNWR Directory of data for Lake Umbagog NWR, Maine/New Hampshire  
MCINWR Directory of data for Maine Coastal Islands NWR, Maine  
MSHNWR Directory of data for Moosehorn NWR, Maine  
PRNWR Directory of data for Parker River NWR, Massachusetts  
RCNWR Directory of data for Rachel Carson NWR, Maine  


Last updated: February 9, 2017