Directory of data from USFWS Ecological Services in Gulf of Maine Watershed and R5.

Name Description Currentness
GOMP Data from the Gulf of Maine Coastal Program  
MEFO Data from/for the Maine Field Office of Ecological Services.  
NEC Directory of New England Cottontail data for Maine and Region.  
NEFO Data from/for the New England Field Office of Ecological Services.  
Pollinators Directory of Pollinator (bees, butterflies, bats) data for Maine and Region  
es_gis.gdb File Geodatabase of R5 data for Ecological Services; generally Region-wide.  
  wind_R5 Wind turbine locations including existing and proposed as of 2009. Source FAA Turbine Data Northern Region 5.xls and FAA Turbine Data Southern Region 5.xls from Keith Hastie. Status field added to denote if turbine was existing or proposed. See also FAA data. See 2011-03-14 R5 wind details.pdf for details.
  wind_R5composite Composite of wind_R5 that combines farms (multiple turbines) into one dot. Source Wind Facility Composit.xls from Keith Hastie.
Table34_2019_ROST_draft_111819.xls Roseate Tern (ROST) survey data from NEFO (SVO); originally from Carolyn Mostello (MassDFW) 2019

Last updated: February 12, 2020