Directory of File Geodatabase: NEC_GIS.gdb

Conservation planning data developed as part of the rangewide and Maine NEC initiative.

Name Description Source Date
FieldSurveys Point layer used for planning and keeping track of winter field surveys for field seasons. Can be used to see the number of surveys done at each site (VisitCount), when they were done and who did them. Tallying VisitCount by SurveyWinter shows the total number of surveys done each year. Includes 2016 and 2017 data. TrackJoinID attribute can be used to join data to ObserverSurveyTracks layer. 11/2017 see AGOL for most recent
FocalAreas Maine focal areas as modified by Kelly Boland et. al.; digitzed by BH using HUC12 as base. 3/2012
GtThicketFocusAreas Great Thicket NWR focus areas for acquisition. From RO BZinni. 11/2016
HMA Habitat Management Areas: areas where NEC habitat management is being implemented. Layer is managed on AGOL and copied here periodically. See NEC_ProjMngmtMaine2 layer in AGOL for most current data. 5/2017 see AGOL for most recent
Hubs Working draft of NEC reserves/ hubs from March 2012 meeting. Considered final, but rarely used. 3/2012
ME_IFW_nec_etsc_pts Point location data from MDIFW, 486 points. 12/2015
ME_IFW_nec_habitat NEC polygon habitat around known location points outlining Potential Habitat, Travel/Dispersal habitat, and Environmental Review areas; delineated by MDIFW biologists using aerial photos and other sources. See NEC Maine mapping protocol 2012-03-27.doc for mapping protocol. ER, PO and TD polygons are overlapping; GOMP has broken those down into 3 additional layers: ME_IFW_nec_habitat_ER, ME_IFW_nec_habitat_PO and ME_IFW_nec_habitat_TD. This layer updated from MDIFW ETSC layer 8/2016. Polygons based on field locations > 10 yrs old are in ME_IFW_nec_habitatOLD. 8/2016
ME_mask Can be used as a mask to put around ME NEC focus area.  
me_nec Field samples for NEC in Maine; 1,271 points. From Fred at MEFO and Kelly B. Includes both detections and non-detections. See ME_NEC_GOMP below for most recent dataset. 4/2010
me_nec_all_1997_2009_DRAFT Field samples for NEC; includes all recorded site visits since 1997; 1,237 points. Jeff Tash put together. Includes NEC, snow shoe hare and non-detections (no evidence of rabbits). Includes data through winter 2009/10. There are some additional sites in me_nec (such as Shapleigh, Waterboro), possibly because only the State has the original adata and it may have been before 1997. See ME_NEC_GOMP below for most recent dataset. 2010
ME_NEC_GOMP Most current and complete NEC field location data (including detections and non-detections); see "GOMP field location database.xlsx" for metadata. Combination of all other available datasets and current field data through the 2017/2018 field season (but missing feeding study data and translocation data for 2018); 3,403 records. Includes field data sheets as attachments, when available. See "GOMP field location database.xlsx" for explanation of fields. 11/08/2018
ME_NEC_GOMP_ATTACH Table holding PDFs that are linked to ME_NEC_GOMP. Basically all the PDFs in the M:\GIS\GOM\USFWS\es\NEC\datasheets folder.  
ME_NEC_PatchesAll_Brubaker2012 NEC habitat patches (35) from Brubaker 2012; population estimates available for 10 patches. (from Fred 6/2014). 2012
NEC_patchesRevised Shapefile of NEC habitat patches in Maine; includes Feeding Priority and Stability fields constructed to select supplemental feeding sites (see NEC Feeding Pilot Project 1-20-11.pdf). From Kelly B and Fred. 4/2010
NEC_range_historic NEC historic range (line feature); from NEFO, looks like the it was screen digitized from the New England Cottontail Guide. Original name: NECrange. 2009
nec_suit NEC habitat suitability model from BwH Connectivity Model. Developed by TNC, Brunswick, ME, with input from species specialists. See nec_suit_BwH.pdf for documentation. 6/2010
NEClocations NEC rangewide locations downloaded from NEFO ftp site. Uncertain of source, etc. File date is August 2009. 2009
ObserverSurveyTracks GPS (or other, if GPS not available) survey track files from NEC surveys (where the surveyors walked/searched), showing the basic extent of searches for each site. Presently has 2016 and 2017 tracks. Survey tracks prior to 2016 are hard copy and can be seen as maps connected to survey points in ME_NEC_GOMP. 11/2017

General management areas being considered for NEC management. Layer is managed on AGOL and copied here periodically.Each Project Area has 1 or more HMAs. See NEC_ProjMngmtMaine2 layer in AGOL for most current data.

5/2017 see AGOL for most recent
ProjectParcels Parcels being considered for NEC habitat management in Maine. Managed on AGOL and copied here periodically. See NEC_ProjMngmtMaine2 layer in AGOL for most current data. Point version of ProjectParcels can be used for display on regional maps. 5/2017 see AGOL for most recent
ShrubLC Combination of MELCD 2004 (shrub, recently clearcut, and Grass/Herbaceous) and NWI (Scrub Shrub) data for general area of southern Maine NEC area. Includes both 2004 (coastal) and mid 1980's (interior) NWI data. Created by Bob Houston, GOMP 12/2011 12/2011
ShrubLC_Dslv ShrubLC dissolved. Created by Bob Houston, GOMP 12/2011 12/2011
ShrubLC_Lindsey Potential NEC habitat for winter 2013 Portland North surveys (Auburn, Bowdoin, Bowdoinham, Brunswick, Cumberand, Durham, Falmouth, Freeport, Gorham, Gray, Harpswell, Lewiston, Lisbon, New Gloucester, North Yarmouth, Poland, Pownal, Raymond, Topsham, Westbrook, Windham and Yarmouth.). Later added Arundel, Biddeford, Kennebunk and Kennebunkport. See protocol document Portland North Survey Prioritization Methodology Final Update.pdf in Library and metadata in ArcCatalog. 12/2012

Last updated: November 27, 2018