Directory of data for New England Cottontail for Maine Field Office and New England Field Office.

Conservation planning tools developed as part of the rangewide and Maine NEC initiative.

Directories Description Source Date
Archive-FieldData Some f ield survey data and notes; original files to be entered into final database.  
datasheets Scans of filled-in field survey data sheets. These are also located in the ME_NEC_GOMP_ATTACH table which are hyperlinked to the point data in ME_NEC_GOMP.  
Fuller Directory of data and notes for NEC habitat modeling by Steven Fuller, NH Fish and Game.  
Library Partial library of important NEC documents including blank data sheets and reports.  
Maps PDF Maps and MXD's. MXD's created by GOMP and might not work on other systems.  
ME_model Directory of data from the Maine NEC model.  
NEC_GIS.gdb File geodatabase of NEC data  
HMA database description.xlsx Description of fields in Habitat Management Area (HMA) feature class.  
NEC_Start_Here.mxd ArcMap mxd that shows basic NEC data for Maine. ArcMap 10.4.1  
NEC_Start_Here10dot3.mxd Copy of NEC_Start_Here.mxd for ArcMap 10.3  
ParcelsProcessingNotes.xlsx Description of fields and processing notes for Project Parcel feature class.  
Project Area database description.xlsx Description of fields in Project Area feature class.  
Project Parcels database description.xlsx Description of fields in Project Parcels feature class.  

Last updated: June 21, 2017