Directory of data from the Maine NEC model (the 'Tash model').

Conservation planning tools developed as part of the Maine NEC initiative. Funded by NFWF and Rachel Carson NWR. Two-page documentation available in this folder; no other metadata available.

Name Description Source Date
ME_NEC_Model.gdb File Geodatabase of modeled NEC habitat for Maine. 2010-10
Feature classes:   2010-10
nec_parcels Subset of nec_parcels_all showing only parcels with NEC management or restoration value. Use MNGMT_P to display managemnent potential and REST_P for restoration potential. 2010-10
nec_parcels_all Habitat model applied to parcels resulting in ranking of parcels for potential habitat management. These parcels appear to be spatially offset by about 150'. 2010-10
nechabitat Results of NEC habitat model for Maine; GRID format. 2010-10
OutlinesFocalLandscapes Maine NEC focal units based on ME NEC model.  

Last updated: June 9, 2017