Data directory and notes for NEC rangewide habitat modeling by Steven Fuller, NH Fish and Game.

Conservation planning tools/model developed as part of the rangewide NEC initiative.
See txt and PDF files (in bold below) in data directory for more information.

Name Description Source Date
Fuller2010_10.gdb File Geodatabase of modeled NEC habitat from Steven Fuller  
  CT_ranked Ranked parcel data for CT. 2010-10
  kderegraw_poly NEC Focus Areas. See RabbitDensity2010.txt and README_NECparcels.txt for more info. 2010-10
  MA_ranked Ranked parcel data for MA. 2010-10
  ME_ranked Ranked parcel data for ME. Use STA_PCT or STA_ORD for display of parcel rankings. 2010-10
  nechabsuit Habitat suitability raster. See nec_habsuite_datanotes.pdf for more info. 2010-10
  necpred500m NEC BoostModel occurrence probability raster. 2010-10
  necpredicted NEC BoostModel occurrence probability raster. Mosaiced version of the predicted probability of NEC occurrences within six regional clusters in New England. NEC predictions were made for 100-meter regular spaced locations using a classification method (boosting model) in the R statistical environment. See the README_necpredicted.txt file for more info. 2010-10
  NH_ranked Ranked parcel data for NH. 2010-10
  NY_ranked Ranked parcel data for NY. 2010-10
  Ranked_Parcels Ranked parcel data for New England. 2010-10
  RI_ranked Ranked parcel data for RI. 2010-10
  sys_lne310_2 Lower New England habitat raster based on the NE Habitat Classification. See NETerrestrialHabitatMapLNENP_TNC.txt for more information. 2010-10
  sys_napstl_5 Northern Appalachian habitat raster, similar to Lower New England model. Both created by TNC under the RCN Grants Program funded by NE states. See NETerrestrialHabitatMapLNENP_TNC.txt for more information. 2010-10

Last updated: March 5, 2012