Data directory and notes for potential tidal wetland restoration opportunities along the coast of Maine. Much of the data is from Erno Bonebakker (independent) and Arnold Banner (USFWS, GOMP).

Name Description Source Date
archive Directory containing some original data, text files and links to original data on GOMP server.  
RestorationData.gdb File Geodatabase with the following feature classes  
  ditched_marsh_sites Photo interpretation of available orthophotos and analysis of available NWI to find ditched tidal marshes on the Maine coast; most likely an incomplete inventory. (Arnold Banner, USFWS, GOMP) 2002
  RestoreTheTides ttt_point.shp joined with returningthetidedata.dbf. Inventory of potential sites for tidal restoration at barriers along the Maine coast; 1,197 records. 2002

Last updated: December 13, 2013