U.S. Forest Service data for Gulf of Maine (or larger) region

Directory of U.S. Forest Service layers that encompass the Gulf of Maine watershed and beyond.

Directory of \gis\gom\USFS\USFSdata.gdb
layer name Description Currentness
eco_Bailey Bailey's Ecoregions for U.S., defined by common climatic and vegetation characteristics, shown as domains, divisions, provinces and sections. Compiled at 1:500,000 to 1:1,000,000 scales. See identifying-ecoregion-boundaries.pdf in USFS GIS directory for more info. Online metadata available and also available as pdf in this directory. 2004
eco_continents General outline of world continents.  
eco_marine Bailey's Marine Ecoregions; world wide. From US Forest Service. See marine-ecoregions.pdf in the USFS GIS directory.  
eco_provinces Bailey's Ecoregions, including Domain, Division and Provinces (world-wide). From US Forest Service. Multipart Feature Class. 1995
Ecological subsections: Provinces, Sections and Subsections of the Conterminous US. Downloaded from Forest Service Geodata Clearinghouse.  
ecomap_2007_polygon_All* Contains lines and database for province, section and subsection.  
ecomap_2007_province This data set includes polygons for ecological sections and subsections within Subregions within the conterminous United States. This data set contains regional geographic delineations for analysis of ecological relationships across ecological units. See metadata in ArcCatalog. 2007
ecomap_2007_section Further delilneation of Provinces. 2007
ecomap_2007_subsection Further delineation of Sections. 2007

* Ecomap 2007


Domains (global) : groups of related climates differentiated based on precipitation and temperature (4 worldwide: polar domain, the humid temperate domain, the dry domain, and the humid tropical domain).

Divisions (continental) : represent the climates within domains and are differentiated based on precipitation levels and patterns as well as temperature.

Provinces (regional) : Divisions are subidivided into Provinces which are differentiated based on vegetation or other natural land covers.


Sections: subdivisions of provinces based on terrain features. Also identified are mountainous areas that exhibit different ecological zones based on elevation.

Subsections: further delination of sections

See Cleland et al 1997 for more information.

Last updated: June 2, 2011