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National Hydropower Plant Dataset, Version 2: The National Hydropower PlantDataset, Version 2 (FY18Q3) is a geospatially comprehensive point-level dataset containing locations and key characteristics of U.S. hydropower plants/dams that are currently either in the hydropower development pipeline (pre-operational), operational, withdrawn, or retired. This dataset is a subset of Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Existing Hydropower Assets data series, updated quarterly as part of ORNL's National Hydropower Asset Assessment Program
See metadata and links (including field descriptions) in the DOE folder.
Data downloaded from the National Hydropower Asset Assessement Program.

File geodatabase: DOE_NHPD.gdb:

Feature Class Description Source Date
ORNL_EHAHydroPlantV2_FY18Q3_Operational Operational assets. 6/2018
ORNL_EHAHydroPlantV2_FY18Q3_Preoperational Assets in the hydropower development pipeline 6/2018
ORNL_EHAHydroPlantV2_FY18Q3_Retired Retired assets. 6/2018



Last updated: November 9, 2018