GIS Data at the Gulf of Maine Coastal Program

This website serves as a data catalog for the Gulf of Maine Coastal Program (GOMP) Geographic Information System. It includes the directory structure and associated metadata of the data in the 'gis' directory at GOMP and some partnering Field Offices and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). GOMP is a GIS data center for the US Fish & Wildlife Service and we serve as a data contact/conduit for the Service for GIS data in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. We have either developed these data internally or acquired them through formal and informal agreements with various NGOs or state and federal agencies.

Data Restrictions:
These data can be distributed within the USFWS and are available by contacting Bob Houston. Through informal agreements with Maine Office of GIS and other agencies, these data may also be distributed to some partnering NGOs in Maine for conservation purposes. Please read and follow data restrictions for the specific data you are using. For instance, some data are for internal use only and are not to be published for the general public (public meetings, etc.). These are the restrictions placed on the data when I receive them and we do need to abide by them. The data cataloged here are not available for direct download from this site. Please do not redistribute these digital data without permission from GOMP.

Use of Data and Credits:
These data are meant to be used for conservation activities in the Gulf of Maine watershed. When using these data please credit the appropriate NGO, agency or agencies. Please credit the USFWS, Gulf of Maine Coastal Program for providing the data to your agency or organization. Thank you.

Projection varies by dataset. Most Maine data are in UTM Zone 19, meters, North American Datum 1983; MA data are in MA state plan; and NH data are in NH state plane.

Organization of Data:
This data catalog follows a hierarchical structure. The first level (outlined in the table below) is based on the data's geographical extent (Gulf of Maine-wide, Maine, New Hampshire or Massachusetts). Sub-directories in your “GIS” directory may include:

Directory Description
canada Base (hydro, roads, admin boundaries, etc.) data for some Canadian Provinces.
gom Data for the Gulf of Maine Watershed (data that spans multiple states), Region 5, or entire U.S
ma Data for Massachusetts
me Data for Maine.
nh Data for New Hampshire.
me_gap Data from the Maine GAP analysis.
region5 Data for USFWS Region 5 from the Kickstart CD.
vt Data for Vermont.
x_ESRI Docs An assortment of instructional manuals (PDF) from ESRI.
x_ESRI_data Data from ESRI, including mxd's and layer files; good nation-wide data. Some of it is used in my state and regional mxd's.
xetensions Some useful extensions for ArcView 3.x and ArcMap.
xgraphics Various graphic files (logos).


Other GIS Data

Other information, including GIS maps, on-line mapping, photos and digital data on CD-ROM are also available at GOMP (this page is under development).

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Project files and layer files
Listing of ready to use project and layer files for ArcMap and Pro.

Last updated: June 19, 2019