ArcGIS project and layer files
ArcView 3.x project and avl files

This is a directory of helpful layer (*.lyr) files, ArcMap map document (*.mxd) files and ArcView project (*.apr) files. These files may be loaded to view data in the M:\GIS directories.

Directory of *.lyr, *.mxd and *.apr files in the M:\gis\ directory
coastal.dic Dictionary (abbreviations for labeling) for coastal terms; used for labeling. See also hydro.dic 4/2007
ColorPalette_ArcGIS.mxd Color pallette mxd and pdfs of some available colors in ArcMap; includes RGB values and names. Very helpful to see how colors print out on your printer. 2007
DeLorme_AtlansAndGazetteer.dic Dictionary (abbreviations for labeling); some handy abbreviations from some map company in Maine.  
ESRI Basemaps-WGS10.mxd A selection of the many Basemaps (including the hard to find DeLorme layer) available from ArcGIS Online. Useful for comparison of the different Basemaps available to use as a base map under other data.  
GOM_habitat.mxd Gulf of Maine Watershed Habitat Analysis data. 8/2009
GOM-Habitat analysis.lyr

Habitat data from the GOM Habitat analysis showing habitat importance for each of the 4 generalized habitat types (forested, grassland, freswater wetland and saline wetland), species data, and other base layers.

GOMhabstudy.apr Gulf of Maine Watershed Habitat Analysis data for ArcView 3.x 10/2006
GOM-NHD100k.lyr Gulf of Maine 100k scale hydro. 10/2006
hydro.dic Dictionary (abbreviations for labeling)for hydrology terms. See also coastal.dic. 1/2006
MA_base.mxd ArcMap project of base layers for Massachusetts. 2009
MA base layers.lyr Layer file of base layers for Massachusetts. 2009
MA-DEP-Wetlands*.lyr Layer file of MA DEP wetlands. 2009

ME_base.mxd & lyr

Base layers (roads, hydro, political boundaries, etc.) plus scanned USGS 24K topos (DRG's) and orthophotos (DOQ's) for Maine. 3/04
ME_all.mxd & lyr Base layers plus biological data from MDIFW, MNAP, GOMP, MDEP. 3/04
ME-Area of detail.lyr Maine outline and county map that can be used to show an 'area of detail' in a map document.  
ME-bathymetry GOM bathymetry and ME towns.  
ME-BwH Maine's Beginning with Habitat data  
ME-CMGE.lyr Coastal Marine Geologic Environment (CMGE) data from MGS.  
ME-Conservation-Public lands.lyr Multiple sources of conservation and public lands data for Maine. 2009
ME-dams.lyr Maine dams, including dams that have been removed. 2009
ME-DiadFish2007 Sea-run fish distribution in Maine. Data developed by GOMP and ME Audubon. 2007
ME-DOQs.lyr Aerial photography/digital orthophotoquads for Maine 2009
ME-NWI.lyr National Wetland Inventory data; from mid 1980's and 2007. 2009
ME-Salmon.lyr Salmon and diadromous fish information for Maine. 2009
ME-USGS topo color/grey 24k.lyr USGS 24K topo maps; color or grey.  
ME-watersheds.lyr Watershed/drainage divides for Maine.  
ME-WMS_Base.lyr Web map service from MEGIS  
ME-WMS_DEM_Topos_Charts.lyr Web map service from MEGIS  
ME-WMS_orthos.lyr Web map service from MEGIS  
ME-WMS_orthos_municipal.lyr Web map service from MEGIS 2009
metadata template.shp Shapefile with metadata that can be imported into another dataset. Generic data for BHouston.  
NH-base. mxd and lyr Base layers for New Hampshire. 2009
R5 Large Lakes and Rivers.lyr Hydro for small-scale (zoomed out) maps.  
Specialty_DeLorme_World_Base_Map.lyr Base map for 1:250k or small scales  
The National Map Link to USGS The National Map web mapping services  
USA Base Map.mxd U.S. base map from Esri. 9/2009
USA-Imagery and Shaded Relief.mxd Imagery of western hemisphere, including U.S., from Esri. Good overview data. 9/2009
USA Thematic Maps.mxd Thematic data (population, etc.) from Esri. 9/2009
USA Top Maps.lyr AGOL layer; might not have the most recent data.  
World UTM zones.mxd Boundaries of UTM zones  

Last updated: June 9, 2016