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This is the home page for the Gulf of Maine Coastal Program's GIS. Be sure
to visit our office's home page for an overview of the office and
projects we are working on. This site only serves as a data catalog
for data held at the Gulf of Maine Coastal Program; data can not be
downloaded from this site.

To search this site, go to your favorite search engine and type in
"site:www.fws.gov/r5gomp" followed by your search criteria. For
example to search for Maine roads data, type in
"site:www.fws.gov/r5gomp maine roads" (without the quotes).
Or use this search bar:

search only GIS Gulf of Maine Coastal Program search all of fws.gov

Please contact Bob Houston, GOMP GIS/Systems Manager, if you are
experiencing any difficulties with this site or have any questions.

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