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Since 1937, the Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Program has provided funds to state fish and wildlife agencies for:

  • The restoration, conservation, management, and enhancement of wild birds and mammals, and the provision for public use of and benefits from these natural resources.

  • The education of hunters and archers in the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to be responsible, competent sportsmen and women

Where Funds Come From

Where do Wildlife Restoration funds come from?

A federal excise tax is collected from manufacturers of firearms, ammunition, and archery equipment. This tax is passed on to the hunter and shooter, who benefit from the recreational and educational opportunities created with the funds; users pay, and users benefit.

When these are purchased:

This portion of the wholesale price supports wildlife:

Rifles and Shotguns 11%
Shells and Cartridges 11%
Pistols and Revolvers 10%
Archery Equipment 11%

What Funds Are Used For

Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration funds can be used for:

  • Research into problems affecting wildlife populations

  • Acquisition and improvement of wildlife habitats

  • Wildlife population surveys

  • Management of wildlife areas

  • Reintroduction of wildlife species

  • Construction of facilities to enhance wildlife or the public enjoyment of them

  • Hunter education programs

  • Construction of shooting ranges

  • Communicating results of research and management activites to the public

  • Technical assistance to landowners

  • Funds cannot be used for law enforcement or public relations activities for the purpose of promoting the state fish and wildlife agency.

State fish and wildlife agencies submit proposals for projects that address their needs and priorities. States are reimbursed for 75% of the cost of eligible projects, providing a 25% match, typically using hunting and fishing license fees to match Federal Aid funds.

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Last updated: March 21, 2013
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