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Photo of a volunteer stocking fry in the Sawmill River - Photo credit:  Draper White
Photo of a volunteer stocking fry in the Sawmill River. Credit: Draper White

Angling Organizations in the Watershed

The This link opens in a new windowNew England Shad Association shares information on shad fishing in the Connecticut River, fishing techniques, events and activities on their Web site.

In addition to trout fishing, local chapters of This link opens in a new windowTrout Unlimited are restoring habitat and conducting education programs in the Connecticut River watershed.

This link opens in a new windowThe Connecticut River Salmon Association has a mission to support the restoration of Atlantic salmon to the Connecticut River. They are deeply involved in a school program that reaches over 70 classrooms and the Association has frequently supplied travel and study grants. Their members have also traveled the world fishing for salmon.

Volunteer and Job Opportunites

State and federal agencies involved in migratory fish restoration gratefully accept assistance from volunteers, interns, and paid employees. Local community members volunteer over 5,000 hours annually to help State and Federal agencies get the job done. Without your help, it would be impossible to accomplish the mission.

Fry Stocking Each spring, hundreds of volunteers help to stock young Atlantic salmon in rivers and streams throughout the Connecticut River watershed. There are fry stocking opportunities in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Visit the Fry Stocking page for more information.


Last updated: September 1, 2010
Connecticut River Coordinator's Office
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