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What's Required

Participation in the Atlantic Salmon Eggs Rearing Program comes with some strings attached.

Teachers have to:

  • Attend a one-day Orientation every year to learn neat stuff like how to grow salmon in the classroom;

  • Buy their own equipment –we supply a list of what’s needed (mostly one-time purchases) and, if needed, help teachers set everything up when first starting;

  • Identify a volunteer, or liaison, to help them with the details like setting up the tank, picking up the school’s salmon eggs, and helping with stocking;

  • Focus their class curriculum on whatever works best for them like biology, math, history, writing, geography, world politics - as long as key objectives are covered;

  • Hatch and release their salmon;

  • Evaluate the program including showing what they accomplished in the community, learning about watersheds and habitat, and meeting the reporting and permitting requirements; and

  • Teachers must first apply to participate in the program; Application must be received by mid-November for consideration.
    This link opens in a new windowDownload the application (28 KB Microsoft Word document)

Teacher activities can be built into the class curriculum and take as much or as little time as the teachers need to accomplish the objectives of the program.

Liaisons are expected to:

  • Attend a one-day Orientation every year to learn neat stuff like how to grow salmon in the classroom;

  • Pick up the salmon eggs and deliver them to the classroom;

  • Help schedule and assist with the salmon stocking; and,

  • Evaluate the program.

Liaison activities take 3-5 days per year, or more, depending on their level of involvement in the classroom.

Last updated: September 29, 2010
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