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Photo of a volunteer stocking fry in the Sawmill River. Credit: Draper White
Photo of a volunteer stocking fry in the Sawmill River. Credit: Draper White

Be a Friend to the River--Come Stock a Salmon!

Each spring, hundreds of volunteers help to stock young Atlantic salmon in rivers and streams throughout the Connecticut River watershed. There are fry stocking opportunities in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

Check out the list of Fry Stocking Contacts to sign up!

This link opens in a new windowAtlantic Salmon Fry Stocking Schedule for Spring 2008 (PDF)

What is fry stocking?

Stocking involves walking streams and releasing salmon fry as you go. It is not difficult, but it is not like walking on a path, either. You can borrow boots, or use your own. Volunteers usually walk one to three stretches of a stream in a day, enjoying plenty of scenic vistas along the way.

What is the best habitat?

Look for fast-moving, ankle to knee-deep water with rocks the size of golf balls to grapefruits (not pools, fast rapids, or large areas of silt, sand, vegetation, or bedrock). Slowly pour out some fish, then gently add fresh water to the fish in the bucket. Your fry should swim right to the bottom.

What happens to the fry?

Soon the salmon will start to move about and look for food. In about 2 years (6" long), they will migrate downstream to the ocean. After about 2 years at sea, the salmon return to the Connecticut River as adults.

When can you stock fry?

Most fry stocking occurs during April and May, but you can call anytime to sign up. Stocking fry usually takes a full day, with opportunities on the weekends. You'll be helping to restore a New England native!

If fry stocking isn't for you, check out our other volunteer opportunities.

This link opens in a new windowBe a Friend to the River Come Stock a Salmon (PDF)

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Last updated: February 23, 2016
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