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Photo of a lamprey's mouth - Photo credit:  U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Photo of a lamprey's mouth. Credit: USFWS

Explore the fascinating lives of migratory fish in the Connecticut River!

Migratory fish are some of our most interesting and important aquatic species. Each fact sheet has a full color picture and information on description, life history, distribution, status, and restoration efforts.

Atlantic salmon   Atlantic Salmon
American shad   American shad
Gizzard shad   Gizzard shad
Blueback herring   Blueback herring
Alewife   Alewife
Shortnose sturgeon   Shortnose sturgeon
Atlantic sturgeon   Atlantic sturgeon
Striped bass   Striped bass
Sea lamprey   Sea lamprey
American eel   American eel


Last updated: February 23, 2016
Connecticut River Coordinator's Office
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