Quilcene National Fish Hatchery
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Current Fish run infomation is available August through October: Dial the hatchery phone number (360-765-3334) and press "5" after you start hearing the voice message.

Plase Check the current Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife fishing regulations if you plan on fishing or claming

Please be responsible and pack out any trash, fishing line, etc.

How to Release Fish

  • When you need to release a fish, there are some special precautions you can take to give it the best chance of surviving.
  • Minimize handling by leaving the fish in the water. Touching the fish removes the scales and slime that protect the skin of the fish.
  • Do not net your fish - but if you must, use a soft, knotless net or rubber mesh net. (Knotless nets are now required in freshwater areas with selective gear rules).
  • Use a hook remover (dehooker) when hooks are imbedded in the mouth or jaw.
  • If a fish has swallowed the hook, cut the leader.
  • Keep fingers away from the eyes and gills of the fish.
  • Do not squeeze the fish as this can cause damage to internal organs.

Hatchery Contacts: Bald Eagle

Contact Information:
Phone (360) 765-3334 or 3330
Email quilcenenfh@fws.gov
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Last updated: February 15, 2012
Quilcene National Fish Hatchery
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