Press Release
Requesting Public Comment on Compatibility Determinations

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service National Elk Refuge is seeking public review and comment for three (3) Compatibility Determinations (CDs): Interpretive Kiosks, Outdoor Recreation-Competitive Sporting Events (fun runs), and Cultural Bison Hunt. Written comments will be accepted from April 22- May 6, 2022. Copies of the draft CDs are available through the links in the bullets below. Please submit written comments to Refuge Manager, Frank Durbian, PO Box 510, Jackson, WY or

Compatibility Determinations are documents written, signed and dated by the refuge manager and the regional chief of refuges that signify whether proposed or existing uses of national wildlife refuges are compatible with their establishing purposes and the mission of the National Wildlife Refuge System.

The National Elk Refuge will be evaluating the following uses:

  • Interpretive Kiosks are being reevaluated to replace the damaged entrance road kiosk and provide additional kiosks in other key locations to orient and inform Refuge visitors. Read Compatibility Determination (PDF)
  • Competitive sporting events (fun runs) sponsored by charitable groups, non-profit groups, or other natural resource agencies. Read Compatibility Determination (PDF)
  • Cultural Bison Hunt is being reevaluated to expand to include other tribes that claim traditional, or treaty-based hunting rights on the National Elk Refuge. Read Compatibility Determination (PDF)

The public is encouraged to provide input by writing to: Refuge Manager, National Elk Refuge, PO Box 510, Jackson, WY 83001; or by email

Comments will be accepted from April 22-May 6, 2022.