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Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program

The mission of the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program (WSFR) is working through partnerships to conserve and manage fish and wildlife and their habitats for the use and enjoyment of current and future generations.

The Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program (WSFR) administers over 30 grant programs that provide funding to State, local and private organizations. Over the past 75 years, WSFR has been instrumental in purchasing of over 5.5 million acres throughout the country and giving States and others billions of dollars in Federal financial assistance. One of WSFR's many financial assistance programs is the State Wildlife Grant Program that can be used to obtain funding for pollinator conservation:

The State Wildlife Grant Program (SWG) is a program that funds projects to States for species of greatest conservation need and for protecting their habitats. To receive continued funding for this program, Congress directed that all States develop State Wildlife Action Plans (SWAPs). SWAPs are comprehensive Statewide assessments of species and habitats, threats to them, and proposed actions and monitoring. Once a species is listed in the SWAP, SWG funding can be used to address the needs specific to that species and/or habitat. SWAPs have identified many vital pollinator species, including insects, bats, and birds that are listed in SWAPs as species of greatest conservation need. Pollinators also benefit generally from the SWAP's habitat driven conservation actions. More information on State Wildlife Grants and State Wildlife Actions Plans can be found at: https://www.fishwildlife.org/afwa-informs/state-wildlife-action-plans.

WSFR has partnered with the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (AFWA) to encourage States to address pollinator conservation in projects that use Federal financial assistance funds. WSFR hosts a site to assist States by giving information on training, events, best practices, and other resources to address pollinator conservation. You may visit the WSFR and Pollinators site at: http://wsfrprograms.fws.gov/Subpages/Pollinators/Pollinators.htm.

Last Updated: June 15, 2020