United States Department of the Interior 

                                      FISH AND WILDLIFE SERVICE   
                                               Washington, D.C. 20240


Effective:    January 1, 1998

Expires:    December 31, 1998



SUBJECT: Issuances in Effect

A. Exhibit 1 lists all National Policy Issuances that are in effect. This issuance should be filed in its proper sequence in your National Policy Reference Book, and Exhibit 1 should be removed and placed in the front of the book.

B. This issuance supersedes NPI #97-01, January 18, 1997.

C. The following issuances have been superseded and should be removed from the National Policy Reference Book and discarded:

NPI 94-04 Superseded by NPI 98-02
NPI 94-05 Superseded by NPI 98-03
NPI 96-03 Supersedes by NPI 98-04


April 10, 1998                                             /s/ John G. Rogers
Date                                                                 Acting Director

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