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Effective: March 6, 1995
Expires: Indefinite

SUBJECT: The Administration's 10-Point Plan for the Endangered Species Act

A. POLICY: To ensure that threatened and endangered species are protected and recovered, the Administration believes that the Endangered Species Act needs to remain a strong, effective conservation tool. At the same time, the Administration recognizes that implementation of the ESA should be improved:

1. By building stronger partnerships with States, local governments, private industry, and individuals;

2. By exercising greater administrative flexibility to minimize socioeconomic effects and assure fair treatment for landowners; and

3. By reducing delay and uncertainty for States, local governments, private industry, and individuals.

B. PRINCIPLES: Ten principles guide the Administration's effort for reforming and implementing the Endangered Species Act:

1.    Base ESA decisions on sound and objective science.
2.    Minimize social and economic impacts.
3.    Provide quick, responsive answers and certainty to landowners.
4.    Treat landowners fairly and with consideration.
5.    Create incentives for landowners to conserve species.
6.    Make effective use of limited public and private resources by focusing on groups of species dependent upon the same
7.    Prevent species from becoming endangered or threatened.
8.    Promptly recover and de-list threatened and endangered species.
9.    Promote efficiency and consistency.
10.  Provide State, tribal and local governments with opportunities to play a greater role in carrying out the ESA.

C. IMPLEMENTATION: The Appendix provides a package of reforms which build on the above principles. It describes administrative actions that the Service will take to improve implementation of the ESA.

D. INCORPORATION: This issuance incorporates the Administration's 10-Point Plan for the Endangered Species Act into the National Policy Issuance system. The 10-Point Plan was announced by the Secretaries of the Interior and Commerce on March 6, 1995.

Date:  12/20/96                                                                                Bruce Blanchard
                                                                                                        Deputy Director - Staff

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