United States Department of the Interior

                                     FISH AND WILDLIFE SERVICE 
                                               Washington, D.C. 20240

Effective: December 5, 1989
Expires: Indefinite

SUBJECT: Fisheries-USA; The Fish and Wildlife Service Recreational Fisheries Policy

A. POLICY: The Service is a National leader in the preservation and enhancement of recreational fisheries services. Fishery capabilities are scattered throughout the organization making it difficult to effectively direct the effort for maximum benefit. Fisheries-USA unites all Service recreational fisheries capabilities under a single policy to focus the organization's entire capability on enhancing the Nation's recreational fisheries. The complete Policy is appended.

B. SCOPE: Servicewide.

C. IMPLEMENTATION: Regional and Assistant Directors are responsible for implementing Fisheries-USA by incorporating its goals and strategies into planning and day-to-day management efforts. Managers and supervisors at every level must be made aware that the Service is enhancing its effort in recreational fisheries management and that they are responsible for promoting and effecting the intent of this Policy.

A specific implementation plan will be attached to Fisheries-USA as an addendum when completed.

D. INCORPORATION/SUPERSESSION: This Policy supersedes all earlier Service policy dealing with this subject. The issuance incorporates the Service's Recreational Fisheries Policy which was signed by the Director on December 5, 1989, into the National Policy Issuance System.

Date: 12/18/89                                                                /sgd/  JOHN F. TURNER


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