United States Department of the Interior

                                    FISH AND WILDLIFE SERVICE 
                                               Washington, D.C. 20240

Effective: February 12, 1988
Expires: Indefinite

SUBJECT: Fish Broodstock Policy

A. POLICY: In fulfilling its fishery resource stewardship responsibilities the Service will carry out broodstock activities that will preserve or optimize genetic diversity, meet biological requirements, be cost effective, not result in shortages or undue surpluses, support Service programs, not compete with private producers, efficiently allocate resources on a national basis, and encourage research and development (summary). The complete Statement of Policy Regarding Fish Broodstock is appended.

B. SCOPE: Servicewide for personnel involved in the management of fish broodstocks and activities associated with the collection of gametes or fry from free-ranging stocks.

C. PURPOSE: The Statement provides general policy guidance regarding U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service use and management of fish broodstocks to secure, produce, allocate, and distribute fish gametes and fry necessary to fulfill the Service's responsibilities and role relative to fishery resources.

D. INCORPORATION: This issuance incorporates the Service's existing policy on fish broodstock into the National Policy Issuance System. The Statement of Policy Regarding Fish Broodstock was signed by the Director on February 12, 1988.

Date: 3/15/89                                                            /sgd/ FRANK DUNKLE

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