United States Department of the Interior 

                                      FISH AND WILDLIFE SERVICE   
                                               Washington, D.C. 20240

Effective: January 31, 1985
Expires: Indefinite


SUBJECT: Service Responsibilities and Role for Fisheries

A. POLICY: The responsibilities of the Service for fisheries are:

- To facilitate restoration of depleted, nationally significant fishery resources.

- To seek and provide for mitigation of fishery resource impairment due to Federal water-related development.

- To assist with management of fishery resources on Federal (primarily Service) and Indian lands.

- To maintain a Federal leadership role in scientifically based management of national fishery resources.

The title page, forward, executive summary and table of contents of the complete Statement of Responsibilities and Role are appended. 1/

B. SCOPE: Servicewide.

C. OBJECTIVE: The Statement defines the responsibilities and role of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as a major and integral contributor to the stewardship of the Nation's fishery resources. Its objectives are to serve both as a basis for the Service's Fisheries activity and as guidance for implementation of the Service's near- and long-term contribution to fishery resource protection and management.

D. AUTHORITIES: Refer to complete Statement.

E. INCORPORATION: This issuance incorporates the Service's existing policy on its responsibilities and role for fisheries into the National Policy Issuance system. The Statement of Responsibilities and Role was approved by the Director on January 31, 1985. Inclusion of the complete Statement (39 pages) in National Policy Reference Books is mandatory only for personnel in Fisheries. Other holders are encouraged to read and understand the complete Statement.

Date: 3/15/89 FRANK DUNKLE


1/ Statement of Responsibilities & Role January 31, 1985, signed by Robert A. Jantzen. Available from Office of Administration - Fisheries.

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