Division of Policy, Economics, Risk Management, and Analytics
Updated:  February 04, 2021
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AEA - External Affairs
AES - Endangered Species
AFHC - Fisheries & Habitat Conservation
AIA - International Affairs
AIRTM - Information Resources & Technology Management
AMA - Management and Administration
AMB - Migratory Birds
ANRS - National Wildlife Refuge System
AWSFR - Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Programs
D - Office of the Director
DOI - Department of the Interior
Grants and Cooperative Agreements - Grants and Cooperative Agreements

If you have questions about the Directives pages, please contact Krista Bibb, Policy and Regulations Branch (PRB), Division of Policy, Economics, Risk Management, and Analytics, via email or telephone at 703-358-1914. If you have questions about the specific content of a directive, please contact the originating office.

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