Division of Policy, Performance, and Management Programs
Date OPR Subject Text link PDF link
08/20/18 AIRTM  Lifting of the Print-and-File Requirement for Preservation and Mgt of BisonConnect Electronic Mail   PDF
06/14/18 MBM  Destruction and Relocation of Migratory Bird Nest Contents

Attachment 1 - Migratory Bird Nest Destruction and Relocation FAQs   PDF 
03/08/18 DFM  2018 Relocation Tax Expenses Update

Attachment 1 - DOI's 2018 Relocation Tax Expenses Update (FMM 2018-009)   PDF 
03/01/18 DMA  Withdrawal of Certain Findings for ESA-Listed Species Taken as Sport-Hunted Trophies   PDF
01/24/18 DFM  Reimbursement for Use of Privately-Owned Vehicles (effective January 1, 2018)   PDF
12/18/17 MBM  Pre-Construction Eagle Survey Waivers under Certain Exceptional Circumstances for Wind Energy Projects   PDF
12/08/17 DFM  Authorization for Actual Expense Per Diem for Official Temporary Duty and Permanent Change of Station Travel to Declared Disaster Areas   PDF
10/18/17 DFM  Change to Rules on Actual Expense Per Diem   PDF
10/03/17 DFM  Phone Calls on Official Business Travel   PDF
05/10/17 DFM  Obligations, Payments, or Redistributions Using Expired Accounts

Attachment 1 - Expired Funds Request Responsibilities and Approvals   PDF 
Attachment 2 - Allowable Conditions for Reinstating Expired Resource Management Funding   PDF 
05/04/17 DFM  Changes to Miscellaneous Expense Claim Rules - Laundry and Dry Cleaning Expenses

Attachment 1 - DOI Memo to Bureau Chief Financial Officers, dated 3/09/2017, "Changes to Miscellaneous Expense Claim Rules"   PDF 
04/06/17 DFM  Use of Home Rental Services and Similar Non-Conventional Lodging Services

Attachment 1 - DOI Memo to Bureau Chief Financial Officers, dated 2/9/2017, "Use of Home Rental Services and Similar Non-Conventional Lodging Services"   PDF 
04/06/17 DFM  Use of Personal Vehicle when Multiple Travelers are Designated to Share a Government or Rental Vehicle

Attachment 1 - DOI Memo to Bureau Chief Financial Officers, dated 02/09/17, "Policy on Use of Personal Vehicle when Multiple Travelers are Designated to Share a Government or Rental Vehicle"   PDF 
11/28/16 ODIW  Reasonable Accommodation Policy for Scheduled Events   PDF
11/28/16 ODIW  Zero Tolerance Harassment Policy   PDF
09/29/16 DFM  Shared Services - Permanent Change of Station Employee Counseling   PDF
09/27/16 DFM  Permanent Change of Station Lump Sum Pilot Program   PDF
08/30/16 DFM  Authorization of RideShare Car Services - such as Uber and Lyft

Attachment 1 - Departmental memo - Use of RideShare Services   PDF 
08/30/16 DFM  Use of Personal Vehicle while on Long-Term Extended Temporary Duty Travel

Attachment 1 - Departmental memo - Use of Personal Vehicle while on Long-Term Extended Temporary Duty Travel   PDF 
08/22/16 LE  National Protocol for Addressing Take and Potential "Take" of Endangered Species through Habitat Modification   PDF
06/22/16 DFM  Changes to the Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Authorization Process   PDF
05/18/16 DCPP  Land Protection Planning Interim Guidance   PDF
05/09/16 DFM  Supervisory Review and Approval Responsibilities   PDF
04/01/16 DFM  Use of Corporate Charge Card Accounts for Invitational Travel and Employees

Attachment 1 - Invitational Travelers in Concur Government Edition (CGE)   PDF 
Attachment 2 - Authorization for Use of Corporate Account - Form   PDF 
12/30/15 DFM  Revision of FWS TDY Handbook (Effective January 11, 2016)   PDF
10/27/15 DFM  Amended Department of the Interior Temporary Duty Travel Policy   PDF
08/12/15 PA  Congressional Activities and Meetings   PDF
06/15/15 PA  Prohibitions Regarding Congressional Lobbying   PDF
06/04/15 ITM  Disclosure Requirements for Official Business Conducted Using Non-Official Electronic Messaging Accounts   PDF
04/01/15 DFM  Use of Digital Signatures via Personal Identity Verification (PIV) Cards for Payment Packages   PDF
11/20/14 DFM  Reimbursement of Fees Associated with Airport Security Fast Pass Membership   PDF
11/18/14 ITM  Acceptable Use of Bison Connect Electronic gChat Technology   PDF
08/26/14 HR  Sick Leave for Bereavement Purposes   PDF
08/20/14 DFM  Payment of Fees for Employee Membership in Professional Associations and Societies (effective August 6, 2014)   PDF
08/15/14 DFM  Standard Service Agreement Forms for DOI Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Moves (effective July 31, 2014)   PDF
05/27/14 DNR  Mosquito Management on National Wildlife Refuges   PDF
08/12/13 DFM  Proper Recording of Obligations and Prior Year Recoveries   PDF
07/01/13 DFM  Cost Structure Redistributions in FBMS   PDF
12/14/12 CFM  Delegation of Authority for Use of Alcoholic Beverages in Service-Occupied or Controlled Facilities   PDF
02/27/12 PA  DOI Final Environmental Justice Strategic Plan and Annual Implementation Report   PDF
11/23/11 ODIW  Equal Employment Opportunity and Non-Discrimination Policy   PDF
07/19/11 DIC  Interim Policy for Budgeting of Administrative Costs for Multinational Species Conservation Fund (MSCF) Programs   PDF
07/05/11 ITM  Electronic Stewardship and Implementation of Duplex Printing   PDF
04/08/11 DFM  Shipment of Privately Owned Vehicles (POV) during a Permanent Change of Station   PDF
03/30/11 AEA  Change in Mandatory Source from SKILLCRAFT to Envision for the Production and Purchase of Business Cards   PDF
02/09/11 ODIW  Diversity and Inclusion Implementation/Action Plan   PDF
10/26/10 FA  Transfer of Region 9 Financial Assistance Award Management to Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program   PDF
10/22/10 PDM  Delegated Authority for the NRDAR Activities Associated with the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill   PDF
10/08/10 FA  Department of the Interior Guidance Release 2010-05 Challenge Cost Share   PDF
09/02/10 DCPP  Service Guidance on Managing White-Nose Syndrome in Bats in the National Wildlife Refuge System   PDF
08/23/10 ITM  Employee Responsibilities in Safeguarding Sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (PII)   PDF
05/14/10 PDM  Access to the Department of the Interior Main Interior Building and South Interior Building   PDF
12/28/09 PDM  Fish and Wildlife Service Forms   PDF
05/14/08 DCHRS  Expectations for Consultations that Would Emit Greenhouse Gases   PDF
03/04/08 DFM  Quarterly Certification of Outstanding Undelivered Orders   PDF
10/15/07 Division of Habitat Conservation  Fish and Wildlife Service Environmental Safeguards Plan for All-Hazards Emergencies

Attachment 1 - Environmental Safeguards Plan for All Hazards   PDF 
Attachment 2 - List of Services and Regional Points of Contact   PDF 
10/05/07 DCHRS  Final General Conservation Plan Policy   PDF
09/17/07 CFM  Indirect Cost Recovery Policy for Service First Agreements   PDF
05/02/06 DCC  Guidance for References for Endangered Species Federal Register Documents   PDF
04/06/05 DFM  Use of Appropriated Fuinds to Purchase Kitchen Appliances   PDF
01/12/05 Ethics  Guidelines on Prohibited Lobbying Activities TXT  
08/29/03 DOI  Competitive Sourcing Official Responsibility for Competitive Sourcing Studies - Delegation

Attachment 1 - Competitive Sourcing Official (CSO) Duties   PDF 
04/15/03 MBM  Migratory Bird Permit Memorandum - A Migratory Bird Permit (MBP) Memorandum Series   PDF
03/18/03 DFM  Authorization for Full Per Diem During Advanced Leadership Development Program 60-Day Training Assignments   PDF
04/24/02 CPA  Timely Filing of Comments on FERC’s Public Notices TXT  
01/23/02 DOI  OIG Policy for Referrals from Departmental Offices and Bureaus   PDF
08/29/00 PDM  Witness Regulations   PDF
08/11/00 RE  Changes to the Land Acquisition Planning Procedures

Attachment 1 - Preliminary Project Planning (PPP)   PDF 
Attachment 2 - Detailed Planning   PDF 
03/30/00 DOI  Workplace Violence Policy TXT  
10/28/99 DOI  Equal Employment Opportunity Counselors (EEO Directive No. 2000-01) TXT  
10/06/99 CPA  Designation of Non-Federal Agencies to be Cooperating Agencies in Implementing the Procedural Requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act (ED 99/1) TXT  
01/04/99 DFM  Payments by Electronic Funds Transfer TXT  
08/04/98 DFM  Electronic Payments to Employees TXT  
05/11/98 DCHRS  Final Section 7 Consultation Handbook TXT  
06/27/96 RE  Delegation of Authority - Additions to Existing Refuges TXT  
02/10/92 DMA  Time Limits in the Appeals Process [50 CFR 13.29(b)2) and (4); 13.29(e)] - OMA Policy Memorandum #1 TXT  

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