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Archived Memorandums*
Date OPR Subject
06/06/19 DOI  Rental Car Size and Passenger Restrictions and Liabilities
03/15/19 DFM  Temporary Duty Travel Policy
02/15/19 DFM  Reimbursement for Use of Privately-Owned Vehicles (Effective: January 1, 2019)
02/11/19 DFM  Interest Due on Temporary Duty Travel Vouchers (Effective: March 1, 2019)
09/06/18 DFM  Rescission of Policy to Reimburse Service Telework Employees for Residential Broadband Costs
06/14/18 MBM  Destruction and Relocation of Migratory Bird Nest Contents
01/24/18 DFM  Reimbursement for Use of Privately-Owned Vehicles (effective January 1, 2018)
12/08/17 DFM  Authorization for Actual Expense Per Diem for Official Temporary Duty and Permanent Change of Station Travel to Declared Disaster Areas
10/18/17 DFM  Change to Rules on Actual Expense Per Diem
10/03/17 DFM  Phone Calls on Official Business Travel
05/10/17 DFM  Obligations, Payments, or Redistributions Using Expired Accounts
04/06/17 DFM  Use of Home Rental Services and Similar Non-Conventional Lodging Services
02/10/17 DFM  Reimbursement for Use of Privately-Owned Vehicles (Effective January 1, 2017)
11/28/16 ODIW  Zero Tolerance Harassment Policy
09/29/16 DFM  Shared Services - Permanent Change of Station Employee Counseling
08/30/16 DFM  Authorization of RideShare Car Services - such as Uber and Lyft
05/09/16 DFM  Supervisory Review and Approval Responsibilities
04/01/16 DFM  Use of Corporate Charge Card Accounts for Invitational Travel and Employees
03/23/16 DFM  Implementation of PaymentNet Review and Approval for Charge Cards
03/22/16 DFM  Using the Government Charge Card for Local Travel
01/11/16 DFM  Reimbursement for Use of Privately-Owned Vehicles (Effective January 1, 2016)
12/30/15 DFM  Revision of FWS TDY Handbook (Effective January 11, 2016)
10/27/15 DFM  Amended Department of the Interior Temporary Duty Travel Policy
04/01/15 DFM  Use of Digital Signatures via Personal Identity Verification (PIV) Cards for Payment Packages
01/09/15 DFM  Reimbursement for Use of Privately-Owned Vehicles (Effective January 1, 2015)
12/15/14 ODIW  Zero Tolerance Harassment Policy
11/18/14 ITM  Acceptable Use of Bison Connect Electronic Chat Technology
10/28/14 DFM  Using Government Charge Card for Local Travel (Effective November 1, 2014)
08/26/14 HR  Sick Leave for Bereavement Purposes
08/20/14 DFM  Payment of Fees for Employee Membership in Professional Associations and Societies (effective August 6, 2014)
08/15/14 DFM  Standard Service Agreement Forms for DOI Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Moves (effective July 31, 2014)
05/27/14 DNR  Mosquito Management on National Wildlife Refuges
04/08/14 DFM  Temporary Duty Travel Policy
12/31/13 DFM  Reimbursement for Use of Privately-Owned Vehicles (Effective January 1, 2014)
08/12/13 DFM  Proper Recording of Obligations and Prior Year Recoveries
07/01/13 DFM  Cost Structure Redistributions in FBMS
02/27/13 DFM  Obligations, Payments, or Redistributions Using Expired Accounts
02/01/13 DFM  Renting a Vehicle for Official Government Business
01/11/13 DFM  Reimbursement for Use of Privately-Owned Vehicles
11/02/12 CFM  Updated Procedures for Micro-Purchases and Utility Payments
07/18/12 CLA  Congressional Lobbying
07/11/12 DFM  Revised Conference Approval Process
06/08/12 DFM  Exemption from Lodging Taxes
05/22/12 DFM  Establishing Project Codes in FBMS during FY 2012
04/18/12 DFM  Reimbursement for Use of Privately-Owned Vehicles (Effective April 17, 2012)
02/27/12 PA  DOI Final Environmental Justice Strategic Plan and Annual Implementation Report
02/02/12 DFM  Reimbursement for Use of Privately-Owned Vehicles (Effective January 1, 2012)
11/29/11 ODIW  Reasonable Accommodation Policy for Scheduled Events
11/23/11 ODIW  Equal Employment Opportunity and Non-Discrimination Policy
11/23/11 ODIW  Zero Tolerance Harassment Policy
10/07/11 DFM  Use of Non-Refundable Airline Tickets and Rental Cars
09/28/11 CLA  Congressional Activities and Meetings
09/02/11 DFM  Implementation of the Government Relocation Advisory Board Recommendations for Federal Travel Regulations
07/07/11 DFM  Reimbursement for Use of Privately-Owned Vehicles (Effective July 1, 2011)
07/05/11 ITM  Electronic Stewardship and Implementation of Duplex Printing
06/28/11 DFM  Changes in Permanent Change of Station Entitlements (Effective August 1, 2011)
04/08/11 DFM  Shipment of Privately Owned Vehicles (POV) during a Permanent Change of Station
03/30/11 AEA  Change in Mandatory Source from SKILLCRAFT to Envision for the Production and Purchase of Business Cards
03/29/11 FA  Financial and Business Management System (FBMS) Migration Guidance To Programs that Administer Grants and Cooperative Agreements
03/28/11 DFM  Same-Sex Domestic Partnerships for Permanent Change of Station Reimbursement and Modification of the Employee Service Agreement (DOI FMM 2011-007)
03/25/11 DFM  FFS Cost Structure Required to Process SF-1038 for Cash Advance
03/22/11 DFM  Emergency Travel Flexibilities and Cost Tracking for the Deepwater Horizon Activities (expires 12/31/11)
02/09/11 ODIW  Diversity and Inclusion Implementation/Action Plan
01/20/11 DFM  Reimbursement for Use of Privately-Owned Vehicles (Effective January 1, 2011)
12/15/10 FA  Interim Guidance for Implementation of Prime Recipient and Subaward Reporting Requirements
12/06/10 DFM  Accounting for Non-Economy Act Reimbursable Agreements
10/26/10 FA  Transfer of Region 9 Financial Assistance Award Management to Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program
10/13/10 DFM  Fiscal Year 2011 Proper Recording of Obligations
10/08/10 FA  Department of the Interior Guidance Release 2010-05 Challenge Cost Share
08/23/10 ITM  Employee Responsibilities in Safeguarding Sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
12/28/09 PDM  Fish and Wildlife Service Forms
12/16/09 DFM  Reimbursement for Use of Privately-Owned Vehicles for Permanent Change of Station
08/25/09 DVSC  Volunteer Reimbursement Guidance
07/30/09 DFM  Reimbursable Agreements with other Federal Agencies under the Economy Act
07/29/09 DFM  Updating GovTrip Profile with Secure Flight Information
04/17/09 DFM  Distinguishing the Differences between Temporary Duty (TDY) Travel and Local Travel Entitlements
02/23/09 DFM  Relocation Services Program
02/23/09 DFM  Procedures to Claim Reimbursement for Expenditures on Official Business (Standard Form 1164) for Local Travel and Other Expenses
12/15/08 DFM  Policy to Reimburse Service Telework Employees for Residential Broadband Costs
12/08/08 DFM  Reimbursement for Use of Privately-Owned Vehicles for Permanent Change of Station
10/09/08 DFM  New Department of the Interior Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Guidance
09/18/08 DFM  Temporary Duty (TDY) and/or Relocation Travel of Employees to Areas Impacted by Hurricane Gustav and Hurricane Ike
09/15/08 DFM  Use of Corporate Charge Card Accounts for Invitational Travel
08/29/08 DFM  Policy on Reimbursement of Fees Associated with Airport Security Fast Pass Memberships
07/14/08 DFM  Excess Baggage Fees
07/14/08 DFM  Cost Recovery Rates for Fiscal Years 2009 and 2010
06/03/08 DNR  Guidance for Implementation of Appropriate Refuge Uses Policy (603 FW 1)
12/12/07 DFM  First Class and Business Class Travel
10/15/07 Division of Habitat Conservation  Fish and Wildlife Service Environmental Safeguards Plan for All-Hazards Emergencies
05/17/07 HC  Changes to Pay Regulations
03/29/07 FA  Prescribed Burning Off-Service Lands: Clarification of the Addendum to the Service Fire Management Handbook
01/19/07 DCPP  NEPA Compliance for Hunting Programs
01/05/07 DFM  Shipment of Professional Books, Papers, and Equipment in a Permanent Change of Station Move
10/12/06 Regulation and Policy Clearance Guidance
08/25/06 DFM  Cost Recovery Rates for Fiscal Years 2007 and 2008
08/22/06 DFM  Cap on Home Marketing Incentive Award Program
07/07/06 Interim Guidance on the Implementation of Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12) for Volunteers
06/27/06 SOL-GL  Standardized Guidance on Compiling a Decision File and an Administrative Record
06/27/06 DFM  Travel of an Employee with Special Needs - Services of Attendants
05/23/06 DCPP  Off-Road Vehicle Use on National Wildlife Refuges
04/26/06 DFM  Temporary Quarters Policy Changes
04/06/06 DOI  Reminder of Document Retention and Anti-Retaliation Orders
03/22/06 DFM  Temporary Duty (TDY) and/or Relocation Travel of Employees to Areas Impacted by Hurricane Katrina - Extension of Guidance
01/23/06 Policy on Equal Employment Opportunities and Inclusion
12/30/05 CFM  Efforts to Evaluate and Adjust Purchase Card Authority - Phase 3
11/07/05 CFM  Ongoing Efforts to Evaluate and Adjust Purchase Card Authority: Phase 3
11/07/05 CFM  Ongoing Efforts to Evaluate and Adjust Purchase Card Authority - Phase 3
09/23/05 PES  Important Activity Based Cost (ABC) Changes for FY 2006
09/15/05 DFM  Central Contractor Registration (CCR) Guidance
09/08/05 DFM  Enhancing Administrative Fund Controls in the Service's Financial System
08/26/05 DOI  Clarification to Telephone Use Policy (Cellular Telephones and Wireless Telecommunications Services)
08/25/05 MBM  Avian Influenza
08/25/05 Use of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Email
07/27/05 DFM  Use of FWS Corporate Accounts
06/09/05 AIRTM  Important Servicewide Information Technology (IT) Security Changes
04/08/05 DNRS  Interim Guidance for Mosquito Management on National Wildlife Refuges
04/01/05 AIRTM  Cobell Reminder
02/07/05 DOI  Revised Policy and Guidance for FWS Regarding Moving Records
02/02/05 HC  Compensatory Time Off for Time in a Travel Status
01/31/05 Surveys
11/30/04 AIRTM  Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Technology and Copyright Restrictions
11/18/04 DBMO  Capturing Cost Related to the FBMS Project
11/02/04 CFM  Freeze on New Contracts for Commercial Wireless (Cellular) Services
10/29/04 FAST TRACK Correspondence Procedures
09/29/04 CFM  Authorities and Limitations on Ordering Printing and Copying Services
09/24/04 DFM  Changes to Cost Recovery Rates and Policy for Fiscal Years 2005 and 2006
09/24/04 DOI  Court Orders regarding the Pueblo of Laguna and the Jicarilla Apache Nation
07/27/04 DOI  Identifying and Managing Non-records
03/23/04 AEA  Status of FWS Internet Shutdown
03/19/04 CFM  Policy for the Review of Planned IT Acquisitions over $2 Million for Potential Duplication with the President's 24 E-Government Initiatives
03/09/04 HC  Advisory of Microsoft Software Computer Gifts
03/09/04 HC  Political Activity
03/08/04 DFM  Proper Recording of Financial Obligations
02/10/04 DFM  Policy on Clearing Suspense File in FFS
01/08/04 Standards of Ethical Conduct
12/24/03 DFM  Quarterly Congressional Reporting on Travel (Response Due: January 12, 2004)
12/23/03 DFM  Desktop Guide for Federal Financial System Acceptance Dates
12/09/03 DFM  Updated Travel Procedures to Comply with Congressional Reporting and On-going Audits
11/05/03 DFM  Procedures to Claim Official Business Expenditures (SF 1164)
10/22/03 CFM  Ongoing Efforts to Evaluate and Adjust Purchase Card Authority
10/02/03 CFM  Financial Assistance Requirements: Standard Format for Program Announcements and Grants.Gov Find
09/05/03 HC  Service Security and Suitability Program
08/29/03 DOI  Competitive Sourcing Official Responsibility for Competitive Sourcing Studies - Delegation
08/29/03 CFM  Financial Assistance Policy: Dun and Bradstreet Data Universal Numbering System Requirements for Federal Assistance
07/29/03 CFM  New Ordering Procedures for IT Hardware
07/25/03 DFM  Obligations, Payments or Redistributions Against Expired Accounts
06/04/03 DFM  Policy Change for Reimbursable Agreements with U.S. Geological Survey
05/13/03 CPA  Service Interim Guidance on Avoiding and Minimizing Wildlife Impacts from Wind Turbines
04/15/03 MBM  Migratory Bird Permit Memorandum - Nest Destruction
04/15/03 CFM  Interim Service Policy on Intragovernmental Transactions
03/18/03 DFM  Authorization for Full Per Diem During Advanced Leadership Development Program 60-Day Training Assignments
03/14/03 DOI  Draft Director's Order on FY 2003 National Wildlife Refuge System Centennial Expenditures
03/12/03 Division of Habitat Conservation  Service Fire Management Policy Clarification
01/24/03 DOI  Important Court Order on Communicating with Class Members in Cobell v. Norton, Civ. No. 96-1285 (RCL)
11/18/02 DOI  Communications with the Special Master-Monitor in Cobell v. Norton
09/04/02 AIA  Amendment to Procedures for Foreign Travel
08/06/02 DOI  U.S. Department of Agriculture and U.S. Department of Interior Memorandum of Understanding Regarding the Implementation of the 2002 Farm Bill Conservation Provisions
07/09/02 BES  Leased Building Standards for Seismic Safety Compliance
06/18/02 HC  Honor and Monetary Awards
05/24/02 DFM  Revised FWS Integrated Charge Card Program Guidance
05/24/02 DFM  Service Implementation of Trip Manager
05/24/02 DFM  Policy Reminder - Approval to Utilize First Class Transportation
05/24/02 DFM  Exemption from Departmental Conference Planning Policy for Internal Meetings
04/24/02 CPA  Timely Filing of Comments on FERC’s Public Notices
04/11/02 PDM  Competitive Sourcing
03/08/02 DIC  Service Activities in Mexico
03/08/02 CPA  Further Clarification and Guidance on Accounting and Reporting the Service's Cost on Hydroelectric Licensing Activities
03/01/02 DCPP  Clarification on Refuge-Specific Language (about posting hunting and fishing regulations)
02/21/02 PDM  Recruitment for Federal Advisory Committee Membership
01/23/02 DOI  OIG Policy for Referrals from Departmental Offices and Bureaus
11/07/01 CPA  Accounting for and Reporting the Costs of Hydrolectric Licensing Activities to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
09/25/01 CFM  Emergency Preparedness
07/23/01 ODIW  Implementing Congress' Amendment to the Rehabilitation Act of 1973
07/19/01 DOI  Policy on Conferences and Meetings Involving Travel
06/28/01 Division of Habitat Conservation  The Habitat Information Tracking System for the Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program and the Coastal Program is Operational
06/05/01 ITM  Guidelines on Washington Office Information Technology (IT) Equipment Purchases
06/01/01 CFM  Re-refined Motor Oil
04/12/01 CLA  Guidelines on Responding to Legislative Referrals
03/08/01 ITM  Retention of Electronic Mail (email) and Tape Backup Copies
02/13/01 DF  Reviewing Outstanding Undelivered Orders - Finance Report FWS35202
02/09/01 DFM  Mandatory Use of Travel Management System - Waiver Process for Obtaining Lodging Accommodations and Rental Cars
01/23/01 PDM  Federal Register Documents - Clearance Procedures
01/03/01 CPA  Interagency Federal Guidance Concerning the Use of In-Lieu-Fee Mitigation Agreements Under Section 404 of the Clean Water Act
12/04/00 DEN  REPLACED BY MEMO DATED 07/09/2002 -Seismic Safety Compliance for Leased Buildings
11/06/00 DEN  Seismic Compliance Policy for New Building Design, 2000 International Building Code or FEMA 302/303 Provisions
11/02/00 DFM  Review of Outstanding Undelivered Orders
10/30/00 MBM  Waterbird Bycatch Policy Statement and Task Force Formation
09/14/00 CPA  Service Guidance on the Siting, Construction, Operation and Decommissioning of Communications Towers
09/13/00 DFM  Administrative Support Cost Recovery Rates for Fiscal Years 2001 and 2002
08/29/00 PDM  Witness Regulations
08/23/00 EQ  Revised Policy on Recovered Assessment Costs
08/18/00 HR  Directorate Decision on Servicewide Implementation of the Diversity and Civil Rights Program
08/11/00 RE  Changes to the Land Acquisition Planning Procedures
07/31/00 HR  Classified National Security Information Program
07/31/00 AEA  Personal Papers of Executive Branch Officials
07/31/00 AEA  The Ecosystem Approach: A Blue Jeans Assessment
07/26/00 CLA  Congressional Lobbying
07/14/00 ODIW  EEO # 2000-17 Prohibited Discrimination based on Status as Parent and EEO #2000-18 Prohibited Discrimination based on Genetic Information
07/13/00 ODIW  Alternative Dispute Resolution Policy - Mandatory Application by Managers in EEO Cases
06/27/00 DCPP  "Fulfilling the Promise" through a Fire Management Mentor Program
06/14/00 DOI  Policies on Limited Use of Government Equipment and Telephone Use
06/12/00 HC  Reminder: Approval Requirements Regarding Acceptance of Payment From a Non-Federal Source for Travel Expenses
06/09/00 AEA  Washington Office Realignment
05/16/00 DFM  Privately Owned Vehicle Mileage Reimbursement for the National conservation Training Center
03/30/00 DOI  Workplace Violence Policy
03/28/00 LE  Law Enforcement Surnaming of Pertinent Documents
02/14/00 Procedures for Acting Director
02/14/00 PDM  ARCHIVED - Compiling an Administrative Record SUPERCEDED BY Directors Order 158 on 09/08/03
01/07/00 ITM  Guidance on Compiling an Administrative Record
12/21/99 CCU  Controlled Correspondence
12/15/99 CFM  Proper Use of Integrated Charge Card
12/03/99 ODIW  Recommendations for Publications to Meet the Needs of Americans with Disabilities
11/02/99 DFM  Trip by Trip Travel Authorization Required for Training
10/28/99 DOI  Equal Employment Opportunity Counselors (EEO Directive No. 2000-01)
10/14/99 PDM  Retention of Agency Records
10/13/99 ITM  Reminder - Use of Electronic Mail and Management of Electronic Records
10/06/99 CPA  Designation of Non-Federal Agencies to be Cooperating Agencies in Implementing the Procedural Requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act (ED 99/1)
09/07/99 DFM  Policy Reminder - Request for Actual Subsistence
08/18/99 Role of the Washington Office in the Ecosystem Approach
08/18/99 Guidelines for Ecosystem Teams
08/17/99 MBM  Migratory Bird Permits for Intentional Take by Federal Agencies
08/06/99 DEN  Roles and Responsibilities of the Service's Seismic Safety Rehabilitation Program
08/03/99 DFM  Reminder Travel/Meeting Attendance Policy
07/28/99 AEA  Potential Problem with Global Positioning Systems
07/27/99 AEA  Membership and Participation in Professional Societies
07/22/99 DOI  Interim Guidance for Use of Automatic Phone Answering Equipment
05/10/99 DEN  Design Standard for the Seismic Rehabilitation of Existing Buildings
04/02/99 HC  Service Work/Life Initiative
04/02/99 HC  Position Descriptions, Personnel Clearance Procedures, and Classification
04/01/99 CLA  Reminder and Final Guidelines When Meeting With Members of Congress
03/11/99 PDM  Transfer of Organizational Codes
01/28/99 MAHR  MOU Between the National Association of Conservation Districts and the Department of the Interior Fish and Wildlife Service RE: General Framework for Cooperation
01/14/99 DB  Reimbursable Agreements: Advance Payments from Non-Federal Entities
01/07/99 RC  Service Information Needs System
01/05/99 NCTC  Leadership Development Guidance
01/04/99 DFM  Payments by Electronic Funds Transfer
12/29/98 DB  FY 1999 Allocation Withdrawals
12/23/98 HC  Seasonal Employment
12/22/98 PES  Next Steps - Performance Management Implementation
12/22/98 HR  FY 1999 Career Awareness Institute Program
10/20/98 FPA  Transmittal of Environmental Statement Memorandum from the Office of Environmental Policy and Compliance
10/05/98 PDM  Streamlining the Granting of Waivers
10/02/98 HC  Welfare-to-Work
09/30/98 HC  Voluntary Early Retirement Authority
09/11/98 PA  Environmental Justice (Technical Procedures Bulletin Number 97-01)
09/01/98 HC  Vision for Diversity
08/18/98 DFHC  Request for Permanent Delegation of Authority to Approve Pesticide Use Proposals (Lower Klamath and Tule Lake NWRs)
08/06/98 HR  ARCHIVED - Reasonable Accommodation
08/04/98 DFM  Electronic Payments to Employees
07/29/98 DAES  FY 1999 Refuge Cleanup Project Proposals
07/28/98 DIC  International Conservation Corps
06/25/98 ODIW  Targeted Recruitment Initiative
06/22/98 CPA  Maintenance Management System (MMS) Project Cost Ceiling
06/12/98 DNR  Fire Management Funds Allocation and Ecosystem Management
06/10/98 DOI  Executive Memorandum on Plain Language in Government Writing
06/05/98 MAHR  Aquatic Resource Management Activities on Refuges
05/26/98 PDM  Fish and Wildlife Service Directives System
05/11/98 DCHRS  Final Section 7 Consultation Handbook
04/20/98 PA  Change in Policy, Production and Purchase of Business Cards
02/20/98 NCTC  Continuous Learning Policy
01/30/98 Ethics  Relations with Private Organizations
09/24/97 MAHR  Revised Process for Administration of the Coastal Wetlands Conservation Grant Program
09/15/97 ODIW  Equal Opportunity Training for Managers and Supervisors
06/25/97 ODIW  Providing a Certified Document to Ensure Certification of Posting (Equal Opportunity Directive 1997-12)
06/11/97 CFM  The Outreach of Consistency - Signage, Publications, Vehicles, and Uniforms
05/19/97 EQ  Allocation for, and Policy and Procedure for Use of the Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration (NRDAR) Fund for Advance Funding for Assessment Costs Under Memoranda of Agreement With Responsible Parties (FY 1997-02)
12/05/96 MAHR  Transmittal of the MOU between FWS and the Natural Resources Conservation Service Regarding the Coordinated Acquisition with the Wetlands Reserve Program.
05/29/96 MAHR  Authority for the Fish and Wildlife Service to Obligate Public Funds for Habitat Restoration Projects on Private Lands
05/05/95 PDM  Unfunded Mandates Reform Act of 1995
05/05/95 DOI  Unfunded Mandates Reform Act of 1995
04/21/95 DOI  Guidance for Implementing Title II of S.1, the "Unfunded Mandates Reform Act of 1995"
12/09/93 DOI  Pesticide Use Proposals
10/06/93 ODIW  Complaints Processing
07/22/92 MAHR  MOU Between SCS, ASCS, FWS and FmHA Regarding the Establishment of Wetland Conservation Easements on FmHA Inventory Property
04/08/92 DMA  Import of Leopard Trophies - OMA Policy Memorandum No. 2
02/12/92 DMA  Affidavits in Connection with Permit Applications - OMA Policy Memorandum No. 2
01/05/91 MAHR  MOU Between USDA, EPA, DOI & DOA Concerning the Delineation of Wetlands for Purposes of Section 404 of the Clean Water Act and Subtitle B of the Food Security Act
05/01/87 MAHR  MOU Between Farmers Home Administration and FWS Establishing Procedures for Interagency Coordination on Fish and Wildlife Resource Issues Affecting Farmer Programs
11/18/86 RE  New Land Acquisition Planning and Approval Procedures
05/21/85 DMA  Policy on Export or Reexport of Donated Wildlife

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