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[Page 4020-4021]
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Fish and Wildlife Service

Notice of Intent To Prepare a Comprehensive Conservation Plan and 
Environmental Assessment for the Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge 

AGENCY: Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior.

ACTION: Notice of intent.


SUMMARY: The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) is preparing a 
Comprehensive Conservation Plan (CCP) and Environmental Assessment (EA) 
for the Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge Complex (Complex) located 
in Humboldt and Del Norte Counties of California. The Complex is 
comprised of Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge and Castle Rock 
National Wildlife Refuge. This notice advises the public that the 
Service intends to gather information necessary to prepare a CCP and EA 
pursuant to the National Wildlife Refuge System Administration Act of 
1966, as amended, and the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). The 
public and other agencies are encouraged to participate in the planning 
process by sending written comments on management actions that the 
Service should consider. The Service is also furnishing this notice in 
compliance with the Service CCP policy to obtain suggestions and 
information on the scope of issues to include in the CCP and EA. 
Opportunities for public input will be announced throughout the CCP/EA 
planning and development process.

DATES: To ensure that the Service has adequate time to evaluate and 
incorporate suggestions and other input into the planning process, 
comments should be received on or before March 15, 2007.

ADDRESSES: Send written comments or requests to be added to the mailing 
list to the following address: David Bergendorf, Refuge Planner, CA/NV 
Refuge Planning Office, 2800 Cottage Way, W-1832, Sacramento, 
California 95825-1846. Written comments may also be faxed to (916) 414-
6497, or sent by electronic mail to david_bergendorf@fws.gov.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: David Bergendorf, Refuge Planner, at 
(916) 414-6503 or Eric Nelson, Refuge Manager, at (707) 733-5406.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The National Wildlife Refuge System 
Administration Act of 1966, as amended by the National Wildlife Refuge 
System Improvement Act of 1997, requires the Service to develop a CCP 
for each National Wildlife Refuge. The purpose in developing a CCP is 
to provide refuge managers with a 15-year strategy for achieving refuge 
purposes and contributing toward the mission of the National Wildlife 
Refuge System, consistent with sound principles of fish and wildlife 
management, conservation, legal mandates, and Service policies. In 
addition to outlining broad management direction on conserving 
wildlife, plants and their habitats, the CCP will identify compatible 
wildlife-dependent recreational opportunities available to the public. 
The recreational opportunities that will receive priority consideration 
are hunting, fishing, wildlife observation and photography, and 
environmental education and interpretation. The planning process will 
consider many other elements, including cultural resource protection, 
environmental effects, and administrative resources. Public input

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into this planning process is very important. The CCP will provide 
other agencies and the public with a clear understanding of the desired 
conditions for the Complex and how the Service will implement 
management strategies.
    Comments received will be used to help develop goals and 
objectives, as well as identify key issues evaluated in the NEPA 
document. All comments received, including names and addresses, will 
become part of the administrative record and may be made available to 
the public. Opportunities for public participation will occur 
throughout the process.
    The Service will send Planning Updates to people who are interested 
in the CCP process. These mailings will provide information on how to 
participate in the CCP process. Interested federal, state, and local 
agencies, organizations, and individuals are invited to provide input. 
The Service expects to complete the CCP in 2008.


    The nearly 4,000 acre Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge, 
located in Humboldt County, consists of several different units within 
and adjacent to Humboldt Bay and associated watersheds. Castle Rock 
National Wildlife Refuge is an island of nearly 14 acres in size 
located approximately eighty miles north of Humboldt Bay and 
approximately one half mile offshore from Crescent City, California.
    Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1971 
pursuant to the Migratory Bird Conservation Act (16 U.S.C. 715d), the 
Refuge Recreation Act (16 U.S.C. 460k-460 K.4) and the Fish and 
Wildlife Act of 1956 (16 U.S.C. 742f [a][4]). Lands within the Refuge 
have been set aside for use as an inviolate sanctuary, and other 
management purposes, for migratory birds, for incidental fish and 
wildlife-oriented recreational development, for the protection of 
natural resources, for the conservation of endangered species or 
threatened species and for the development, advancement, management, 
conservation, and protection of fish and wildlife resources. The 
Lanphere Dunes unit of Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge was added 
to the Refuge Boundary in 1997 for the purpose of conserving fish or 
wildlife which are listed as endangered species or threatened species, 
and plants 16 U.S.C. 1534 (Endangered Species Act of 1973).
    Castle Rock National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1981 for 
the purpose of conserving fish or wildlife which are listed as 
endangered species or threatened species, and plants 16 U.S.C. 1534 
(Endangered Species Act of 1973).
    The Service anticipates a draft CCP and EA to be available for 
public review and comment in 2007.

    Dated: January 23, 2007.
Ken McDermond,
Acting Manager, CA/NV Operations, Sacramento, California.
[FR Doc. E7-1327 Filed 1-26-07; 8:45 am]