[Federal Register: January 29, 2002 (Volume 67, Number 19)]
[Page 4278]
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Office of the Secretary

Fish and Wildlife Service

Bureau of Land Management

Minerals Management Service

Bureau of Indian Affairs

National Park Service

Bureau of Reclamation

Geological Survey

Alternate Agency Mail Sites for Submission of Comments

AGENCIES: Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Land Management, 
Minerals Management Service, Bureau of Indian Affairs, National Park 
Service, Bureau of Reclamation and the Geological Survey; Interior.

ACTION: Notice of alternate agency mail sites for submission of 
comments to rulemaking documents, notices, and any other relevant 
Departmental documents under public review and for which comments have 
been solicited.


SUMMARY: The Office of the Secretary, along with its various agencies, 
gives notice to the public of alternate agency mail site for submission 
of comments to rulemaking documents, notices, and any other relevant 
Departmental documents under public review for which comments have been 
solicited and for which a Washington, DC, address was indicated. In 
addition, because the Department Internet access, including receipt of 
outside Email, has been shut down under court order until further 
notice, these alternate agency mail sites should be used instead of any 
electronic transmittal of public comments, unless otherwise noted by 
the specific agency. This notice does not apply to written comments 
that are to be sent to addresses outside of Washington, DC.

DATES: This notice is effective January 29, 2002.

ADDRESSES: The alternate mail sites for the submission of comments to 
the Department's agencies are as follows:
     Fish and Wildlife Service, 4401 North Fairfax Drive, 
Office of Policy, Directives and Management, Arlington, VA 22203.
     Bureau of Land Management, Eastern States Office, 7450 
Boston Blvd., Springfield, VA 22153.
     Minerals Management Service. All comments will be received 
by the Regional Offices, as indicated in the agency's request for 
submission of comments, unless otherwise noted.
     Bureau of Indian Affairs, Eastern Office, Office of the 
Regional Director, 711 Stewarts Ferry Pike, Nashville, TN 37214.
     National Park Service. Comments will be received on a 
park-specific basis, as indicated in the agency's request for public 
comments, unless otherwise noted.
     Bureau of Reclamation. Comments will be received on a 
project-specific basis, as indicated in the agency's request for public 
comments, unless otherwise noted.
     US Geological Survey, The National Center, 12201 Sunrise 
Valley Drive, Reston, VA 20192.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Duncan L. Brown, Office of the 
Secretary, Washington, DC 202/208-4582.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The purpose of this notice is to ensure that 
the public's comments on rulemaking documents, notices, and other 
relevant documents for which comments have been solicited and for which 
a Washington, DC, address was indicated, are received by the 
Department's agencies for appropriate consideration. This action is 
taken due to the closure of the Brentwood Postal Facility, Washington, 
DC, on October 21, 2001, because of the threat of anthrax 
contamination. While some mail from this facility has been retrieved, 
the delay in mail delivery to the Department's agencies in the 
Washington, DC, area continues because of enhanced screening of all 
mail coming to the agencies' Washington offices. This action today will 
ensure that comments that were to be sent to Washington, DC, are 
retrieved in a timely manner. A separate postal facility will now 
receive incoming comments and the agencies' offices identified in the 
ADDRESSES section of this notice (outside Washington, DC, postal 
delivery) will take appropriate measures to transmit public comments to 
the respective offices.
    The Department's agencies normally encourage electronic transmittal 
of comments under directives for more efficient government. However, a 
Federal district court has ordered the shutdown of the Department's 
internet access, including outside Email. Consequently, the 
Department's agencies ask that the public submit only written comments 
to those agency sites as identified in the ADDRESSES section of this 
notice until further notice, because Department is not able to receive 
electronic submissions at this time.

    Dated: January 18, 2002.
P. Lynn Scarlett,
Assistant Secretary--Policy Management and Budget.
[FR Doc. 02-1916 Filed 1-28-02; 8:45 am]