[Federal Register: December 18, 2001 (Volume 66, Number 243)]
[Page 65218-65219]
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Fish and Wildlife Service

Notice of Decision and Availability of Decision Documents on the 
Issuance of Permits for Incidental Take of Threatened and Endangered 

AGENCY: Fish and Wildlife Service, Interior.

ACTION: Notice of decision.


SUMMARY: Between February 17, 2001, and November 14, 2001, Region 1 of 
the Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) approved seven Habitat 
Conservation Plans (Plans) and issued seven associated permits and 
transferred three permits for the incidental take of threatened and 
endangered species pursuant to section 10(a)(1)(B) of the Endangered 
Species Act of 1973, as amended (Act). The Service also issued two Safe 
Harbor Agreement permits pursuant to section 10(a)(1)(A) of the Act. 
Two applicants also withdrew their permit applications after their 
Plans had been noticed in the Federal Register for public comment. 
Copies of the permits and associated decision documents are available 
upon request. Charges for copying (10 cents per page), plus shipping 
and handling may apply.

ADDRESSES: If you would like copies of any of the above documents, 
please contact the Fish and Wildlife Reference Service, 5430 Grosvenor 
Lane, Suite 110, Bethesda, Maryland 20814; telephone (800) 582-3421.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Heather Hollis, Fish and Wildlife 
Biologist, Fish and Wildlife Service, Portland, Oregon; telephone (503) 

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Section 9 of the Act and Federal regulation 
prohibit the take of wildlife species listed as endangered or 
threatened, respectively. Under the Act, the term ``take'' means to 
harass, harm, pursue, hunt, shoot, wound, kill, trap, capture, or 
collect listed wildlife, or to attempt to engage in any such conduct. 
The Service may, under limited circumstances, issue permits to 
authorize take that is incidental to, and not the purpose of, carrying 
out an otherwise lawful activity. Regulations governing permits for 
threatened and endangered species are found in 50 CFR 17.32 and 17.22.
    Between February 17, 2001, and November 14, 2001, Region 1 of the 
Service issued the following permits for incidental take of threatened 
and endangered species, pursuant to section 10(a)(1)(B) and section 
10(a)(1)(A) of the Act. We issued each permit after making the 
following determinations: the application had been submitted in good 
faith; all permit issuance criteria were met, including the requirement 
that granting the permit will not jeopardize the continued existence of 
listed species; and the permit was consistent with the Act and 
applicable regulations, including a thorough review of the 
environmental effects of the action and alternatives pursuant to the 
National Environmental Policy Act of 1969.
    Copies of these permits, their accompanying Plans, and associated 
documents are available upon request. Decision documents for each 
permit include Findings and Recommendations; a Biological Opinion; and 
either a Finding of No Significant Impact, a Record of Decision, or an 
Environmental Action Statement. Associated documents may also include 
an Implementing Agreement, Assumption Agreement, Environmental 
Assessment, or Environmental Impact Statement, as applicable.

       Approved plan/permit               Permit No.            date
Habitat Conservation Plans:
    John Lang Homes, Cantata--     TE835424-0                   03/22/01
     permit transfer.
    San Joaquin Valley             TE043280-0                   05/31/01
    Tacoma Water.................  TE044757-0                   07/06/01
    El Sobrante Landfill.........  TE040421-0                   07/24/01
    Reichel et al. Permit          TE046730-0                   08/10/01
     Transfers.                    TE046731-0                   08/10/01
    Keig Wildcat Line............  TE040317-0                   09/12/01
    Boise Cascade Low-effect.....  TE028219-0                   09/13/01

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    Deer Canyon Park.............  TE035929-0                   09/17/01
    City of Highland Roadways      TE049462-0                   10/29/01
Safe Harbor Agreements:
    Nene Reintroduction, Puu O     TE028990-0                   08/22/01
     Hoku Ranch.
    Russell Pond, Oregon Chub....  TE042953-0                   09/24/01

    In addition to issuing the above permits, the Service ceased 
processing two permit applications after the applicants withdrew their 
permit applications. Both International Paper and Crown Pacific 
withdrew their permit applications after both had developed draft HCPs 
that had been available for public review.

    Dated: November 20, 2001.
Rowan Gould,
Deputy Regional Director, Fish and Wildlife Service, Region 1, 
Portland, Oregon.
[FR Doc. 01-31104 Filed 12-17-01; 8:45 am]