[Federal Register: March 1, 2000 (Volume 65, Number 41)]
[Page 11074]
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Fish and Wildlife Service

Endangered and Threatened Species Permit Application

AGENCY: Fish and Wildlife Service, Interior.

ACTION: Notice of receipt of application.


    The following applicant has applied for a permit to conduct certain 
activities with endangered species. This notice is provided pursuant to 
section 10(c) of the Endangered Species Act of 1973, as amended (16 
U.S.C. 1531, et seq.).

Permit Number TE023308-0

    Applicant: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Twin Cities Field 
Office, Bloomington, Minnesota (Russ Peterson, Field Supervisor)
    The applicant requests a permit to take (collect, hold in 
captivity, propagate, and release) endangered Higgins' eye 
pearlymussels (Lampsilis higginsi) from locations within their historic 
range in the States of Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin (St. Croix River, 
Upper Mississippi River, Chippewa River, and Wisconsin River). The 
applicant proposes to propagate captive mussels at: (1) The U.S. Fish 
and Wildlife Service's Genoa National Fish Hatchery; (2) a temporary 
facility at the Upper Mississippi River, Pools 1-4 (River Mile 853-
787); (3) a temporary facility at the lower Chippewa River (RM 0-15); 
and (4) a temporary facility at the lower Wisconsin River (RM 0-15). 
The applicant proposes to subsequently relocate host fish infected with 
glochidia (resulting from propagation) to a temporary facility in the 
lower Bad Axe River adjacent to the Genoa NFH. Artificially propagated 
and temporarily held specimens will be reintroduced into the wild at 
the Upper Mississippi River, Lower Chippewa River, and lower Wisconsin 
River. The Field Supervisor, Twin Cities Field Office, proposes to 
serve as project manager including, but not limited to, designation of 
individuals who meet issuance criteria to work under this permit. This 
permit is proposed for the enhancement of survival of the species in 
the wild (protection from zebra mussel (Dreissena polymorpha) 
infestation, in the interest of recovery.)
    Written data or comments should be submitted to the Regional 
Director, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Ecological Services 
Operations, 1 Federal Drive, Fort Snelling, Minnesota 55111-4056, and 
must be received within 30 days of the date of this publication.
    Documents and other information submitted with this application are 
available for review by any party who submits a written request for a 
copy of such documents to the following office within 30 days of the 
date of publication of this notice: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, 
Ecological Services Operations, 1 Federal Drive, Fort Snelling, 
Minnesota 55111-4056. Telephone: (612/713-5350); FAX: (612/713-5292).

    Dated: February 24, 2000.
Stanley L. Smith,
Acting Assistant Regional Director, Ecological Services, Region 3, Fort 
Snelling, Minnesota.
[FR Doc. 00-4928 Filed 2-29-00; 8:45 am]