Economic Analysis for Hydropower Project Relicensing:  Guidance and Alternative Methods
Prepared for: Division of Economics;
Fish and Wildlife Service; 
U.S. Department of the Interior

Prepared by: Robert Black, Bruce McKenney, and Robert Unsworth
Industrial Economics, Incorporated
2057 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, Massachusetts 012140

Nicholas Flores
University of Colorado, Boulder
October 1998

Cover and Table of Contents
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1.Introduction and Summary
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2. Overview of the Federal Power Act and the Hydropower Relicensing Process
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3. FERC's Economic Methodology
PDF 272k
4. Potential Refinements to FERC's Economic Mehtodology
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5. Primary Methods and Key Concepts for Valuing Non-Power Benefits 
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6. Secondary Methods for Valuing Non-Power Benefits: Benefits Transfer
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7. Case Studies
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Appendix, Acronyms, Glossary and References
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